UNconventional: Letrons

UNconventional: Letrons

Turkish company Letrons is known for transforming high-end luxury vehicles into futuristic, humanoid robo-cars. Read on to get a closer look at some of their work.

UNconventional by FTC is a series exploring creators, designers and artists expressing unique, thought-provoking perspectives of socio-cultural and global significance through their craft. These creators stray away from the conventions and norms of everyday ideas and give them a new meaning through their otherworldly creativity.

LETRONS is a Turkish company that initially began as a start-up and R&D Project, curated by parent company Letvision back in 2009. One of the most sought after companies that specialises in transforming luxury vehicles into futuristic yet functional robo-cars, Letrons is supported and has been awarded by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB, a government body that funds small and medium capacity ventures.

"The idea came about during a partnership meeting where we were discussing and brainstorming about a unique and futuristic project. We wanted to show the world our research and development power as Turks."

Target Alpagot, Sales and Marketing Director - Letrons

All this time we thought that the Transformers franchise was purely fictional, but it turns out that the giant robo-car hybrids are real. For the Turkish company, it took a dream team of 12 engineers and four support technicians a total of eleven months to build the first "Antimon" from an actual BMW model.


The project resulted in one of the most realistic, almost fully-functioning transformative robots to date creating a huge breakthrough for the potential future of hi-tech automotives.


Standing tall at 15 feet, the robot's 'head' emerges, as it whirs like Autobot Optimus Prime and towers like Megatron the fearsome Decepticon. Primarily remote-controlled, its head turns 120 degrees thanks to a motor, and a hydraulic control system offers the technology needed to lift the car up on its 'legs', although it lacks the ability to 'walk' and is not drivable in traffic yet.


The Antimon includes a host of space-age features including kinetic finger interactivity, dynamic eye movement as well as featuring a sound system, an HD LCD, and WiFi technology. The robo-car is also complete with moving 'arms' and lights, a smoke machine for added fearsome effect as well as reactive cameras to perform speech and movement capabilities.


Additionally, the company also has images of various prototype projects that are supposedly in initial stages of ideation and development up on their website named 'Bizmut', 'Argon', 'Wolfram' and 'Tantal'.


"The project was lead by Levent Erenler and his team which consisted of many engineers and supporting technicians. The mechanical construction was built in our head office and the software was developed in our Technopark office. We will be building different models in the near future. We are constantly working towards this."

Target Alpagot, Sales and Marketing Director - Letrons


Letrons spends its experience, knowledge and material accumulation on the same area and continues being the creator of innovative and never seen before products. The company has also partnered with some of the world’s giant tech companies like INTEL and MICROSOFT in working towards creating more of these robo-car hybrids.


Letrons adds that the vehicles can be for sale if the buyer's project and their reasons for use meet the criteria of the Letrons team. However, No prices have been publicly revealed for those wanting a life-sized functional replica of their favorite toy and the company is currently working towards making a whole line of transforming BMW robots.

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