Sony Makes The Future Of Cars A Reality With The Vision-S

Sony Makes The Future Of Cars A Reality With The Vision-S

Tech pioneers Sony present their latest offering in the form of an electric concept car. Read on to know all the details.

Sony has established itself as one of the biggest companies on the planet. The Japanese corporation is a multinational conglomerate and is globally known for manufacturing electronic products. Apart from the electronic/tech sector, the company has also been involved in different industries through films, music and even financial services, among other ventures.

In the latest addition to its list of diverse ventures, Sony has taken its love for innovation by introducing its first-ever car, the Sony Vision-S, earlier this year. The electric sedan was first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January earlier this year and promises to open up a new world of mobility through creative technology.

The car which went into production immediately after its announcement, reached Tokyo in July 2020 for sensing and audio tech advancing. The prototype vehicle is currently under development and will be available for public road testing this financial year.

The Vision-S is expected to come with a whole set of modern features and tech specs. Designed in collaboration with manufacturers Magna International, Continental AG, Elektrobit, and Benteler/Bosch, the car promises to be one of the sleekest looking machines on the market. The various components and aspects also consist of thorough safety, entertainment, and adaptability features.

Safety Features:

One of the key aspects and one which is of the utmost importance to Sony are the safety and security features in the automobile. The car consists of 33 automotive-grade sensors installed both inside and outside to monitor the safety on either sides of the vehicle.

This network of sensors enables 360-degree recognition of traffic conditions and helps with precise assistance such as advanced cruise control, self-parking, and auto lance change functions. The conventional car mirrors have advanced to an upgraded level through visual technology and the camera sensors can detect approaching vehicles and pedestrians as well as send an alert for the same, before detection by the human eye.

The feature of ‘driver monitoring’ is by far the most interesting. The sensors inside the cabin can detect the driver’s facial expression and body movement to gauge their concentration level to send out necessary alerts. The cabin temperature will also be auto-adjustable to the condition of the passengers.


Entertainment Features:

Sony is all about providing an entire experience with this model. Sitting in the car will mean entering a world of entertainment. The vehicle consists of a 360 reality audio system with a speaker for each seat and additionally features a panoramic screen that sits at the dashboard.

Adaptability Features:

The Vision-S link enables the car and the driver to have smooth coordination. Through this link, everything the driver views or listens to on the phone (maps, music, etc.) will be transferred to the screen or speaker in the car once the driver enters.

The personalised cabin feature alerts the driver if anyone is asleep in the car and adjusts the temperature accordingly and in a truly dynamic system, the cloud AI will interact and learn as part of the sensing system, enabling it to become more efficient.

Sony has also, paid attention to the overall general specs which include a 4 wheel drive, power of 200Kw x 2 and the ability to touch 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. While no official release date has been announced for the vehicle, testing for the car has already begun with Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara posting a video showcasing him test driving this latest offering.

Sony has truly pulled out all the stops to make this a car of the future. Stay tuned to this space for all further information.

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