PS5: A Glimpse Into The Next-Gen Gamepad Console & Its Accompanying Accessories

PS5: A Glimpse Into The Next-Gen Gamepad Console & Its Accompanying Accessories

The PS5 comes with multiple new features and additional accompanying accessories that are truly the future of a consolidated gaming experience. Read on to know all the details.

With just a few months to go for the official release of Sony's long-awaited next-generation console, the PlayStation 5 seems to be taking the gaming world by storm.

With its space-age, black and white colour scheme and blue lighting, the PlayStation 5 has a very unique console design that is far removed from the previous ‘black box’ renditions of the gaming console.

Additionally, this year the PS5 will launch not one, but two consoles — a standard edition with a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive, and a slimmer, disc-free PS5 Digital Edition, a streamlined, digital-only console without a disc drive.


The gaming console will include an array of features like Ultra-High Speed Solid State Drive (SSD) for fast loading, ray-tracing, a built-in 4K Blu-ray player, and backwards compatibility with thousands of titles in the PS4's game library.

The users have been promised an out-of-this world experience with deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and tempest 3D Audio technology, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games.


With this new futuristic next-gen console, Sony has also upgraded the gamepad with a DualSense PS5 Controller. The controller is a huge departure from the previous gamepad designs, sporting a new futuristic look in a white and black colour scheme to match the console, and a boomerang-like shaped silhouette.

To discover a deeper gaming experience, the DualSense PS5 Controller has also come up with design features with the aim of improving player immersion. Haptic feedback will replace the DualShock 4's rumble technology and will simulate touch, meaning the controller will output vibrations or movements to replicate a real-life touch and feel experience. This feature will automate the generation of high-quality vibration waveforms to a certain extent, making it look as if they were created manually by the creators for each player individually.

DualSense Controller
DualSense ControllerPlayStation

The PS5 controller will also feature adaptive triggers which Sony says have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). These adaptive triggers will allow the resistance of the triggers to simulate actions more realistically. It will bring much more physicality in terms of game experience which will allow the player to accurately feel and understand the resistance.

The gamepad also features tempest 3D Audio technology, which immerses the player in soundscapes to give the feeling that sound is coming from all around relative to where player is set in the scene. This technology provides depth to sound, tricking the brain into thinking the sounds are more realistic coming from a specific spot in 3D space.

The DualSense Controller also comes with a new ‘Create’ button which replaces the ‘Share’ button, an audio jack to plug in headphones ora headset and a built-in microphone.

PlayStation Accessories
PlayStation AccessoriesPlayStation

Apart from the wireless controller with all its integrated designs, to further push the boundaries of play, the PlayStation 5 introduces a new generation of PlayStation Accessories.

A DualSense charging station with a sleek design that matches the two-tone console, charges upto two DualSense controllers at the same time. The charging station doesn’t appear to use the regular USB-C port located at the top of the controller but instead connects through a separate accessory dock at the bottom.

DualSense Charging Station
DualSense Charging StationPlayStation

The Pulse 3D wireless headset offers 3D audio support and is complete with dual noise-canceling microphones that ensure uninterrupted communication to make games and team play incredibly immersive.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
Pulse 3D Wireless HeadsetPlayStation

The media remote shows-off a two-toned design in an elegant and sleek sensibility and the uncluttered button layout makes it easy to navigate. Given that the PS5 will end up a primary device for streaming movies and TV, the media remote is definitely a useful accessory to have.

Media Remote
Media Remote PlayStation

The HD camera has dual 1080p lenses and ensures high-quality video capture. The accessory allows you to seamlessly add yourself to gameplay and streams, and the smooth two-piece design is an improvement over the PS4 camera.

HD Camera
HD CameraPlayStation

The PlayStation 5 is set for a late 2020 holiday release. Head on over to the PlayStation website for more info on the next-gen console.

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