Amazon Enters Health Sector With The Halo Band And Accompanying App

Amazon Enters Health Sector With The Halo Band And Accompanying App

Retail and tech giant Amazon has come up with a new innovation, pertaining to the health sector. Read on to get a closer look at the Halo band.

The A to Z store, Amazon is soon going to add another exciting product to their portfolio. Debuting its venture into the healthcare sector, Amazon's Halo Band and its accompanying app are a health tracking set up, that will read the user’s physical activity, sleep, eating patterns, etc.

Primary Halo Band colours
Primary Halo Band coloursAmazon

Much to people's surprise, the band comes without a visual screen of any kind. Focusing more on the user’s lifestyle as a whole rather than just the physical/athletic aspect, the band aims at improving a person’s health in a rather wholesome manner.

Equipped with a tiny sensor capsule, the device comes with the ability to read the wearer’s body temperature and monitor their heart rate as well. It also consists of a pair of microphones and an indicator light, which can be operated as per the user’s convenience.


With the basic features matching up to that of any other tracking band, one is bound to ask what’s different about the Halo? The features that set the band apart from the rest are Body and Tone. Built with the capability to generate a 3D scan of the wearer’s body with the help of a phone camera, the device can evaluate the amount of fat in people’s bodies, while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Additionally. The microphones on the band are receptive to voice and can read a person’s tone and give a report on the wearer’s emotional state, whenever given input.

The app for the band comes with a feature called Amazon Halo Labs, which give people a personalised feedback based on their health and lifestyle and can be used to help achieve body goals by advising workout routines and dietary guidelines.

Additional colour options
Additional colour options Amazon

With such elaborate features, there have been speculations that the device and the app can lead to a negative response from people dealing with body image issues and/or eating disorders due to an increase in the conscious nature of tracking eating and exercise habits, in turn triggering certain individuals.

Addressing the issue, Amazon has also laid out certain measures to prevent the ill effects - the application can be used by people over the age of 13, and the body scan features can only be availed above the age of 18.

Priced at $65 (Rs. 4,769 approx.), the Halo Band will be releasing in the US with a 6-month membership of the Halo app, with an early access offer on the Amazon app and website for the same. The device and the app are expected to arrive in other countries soon. Stay tuned to this space for further details.

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