Philippe Starck’s AEKLYS Ring Stores All Your Cards for Contactless Payment

Philippe Starck’s AEKLYS Ring Stores All Your Cards for Contactless Payment

The AEKLYS Ring by Philippe Starck replaces all your payment and business cards with one touch. Read on to know more about the contactless smart ring that makes physical cards a thing of the past.

Taking contactless payment to the next level, French architect and designer Philippe Starck along with French start-up iCare Technologies have created the ‘AEKLYS by Starck,’ a smart ring that stores all your transaction cards into one device.

A technological miracle — this smart ring follows the path of dematerialisation with less products and more intelligence with power. The AEKLYS Ring embodies this idea by omitting the need to carry payment cards, transportation tickets, business cards and identification tools by melding it into one piece of wearable technology.

The AEKLYS Ring holds the capacity to store information from several cards and personal information allowing the user to make solitary contactless payments and even transfer information by a simple tap on the ring face before waving it in front of the receptive sensor it is presented with. The ring also works in the absence of smartphones or network availability and has the ability to automatically update its software.

Not bound by battery life, the device does not need to be charged and iCare Technologies is also developing additional features for the ring in the realms of access control, loyalty programmes and parking payments. Other additional features like contact sharing, keyless entrance, digital door opening, vehicle unlocking, engine start system as well as public transport and airplane ticketing are also present in this wearable tech.

AEKLYS by Starck

"The path to de-materialisation takes us closer and closer to the body, AEKLYS by Starck is the closest and smallest we can get while offering so much power and service. The possibilities of the ring are endless, the only limit is our imagination."

Philippe Starck

Starck also ensures absolutely security, using security architecture and retention technologies developed by NXP along with an instant deactivation system to combat theft, as well as Wave Control and data encryption technology to avoid any fraudulent use.

AEKLYS RingDesign Boom

Although, contactless payment has been around for a while, with examples such as Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mechanisms via bank and transport cards along with apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay via smartphones, Starck envisioned an ‘intelligent ring’ that further connects the user with its environment.

Thanks to its patented unique technology and ultra-ergonomic device in its minimal design, the ring features constantly evolving technology that provide the user with an augmented freedom and security.

The AEKLYS Ring is currently only available in France as well as on Starck's website deemed with a price value of $295 USD (INR 21,630 approx.)

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