Internet Freedom Foundation Launches A Card Game Inspired by Data Privacy Laws

Internet Freedom Foundation Launches A Card Game Inspired by Data Privacy Laws

To educate people about the privacy laws in the country, Internet Freedom Foundation has released a one-of-a-kind card game. Read on to know more.

Internet Freedom Foundation is a young, non-profit organisation dedicated towards the awareness around and advancement of digital rights in India. Founded by a group of volunteers, working on the campaign, the venture aims at making a potent and lasting contribution towards a free and open internet and IFF’s work revolves around policy impacts in freedom of expression, privacy, net neutrality, and innovation.

Most recently, the Internet Freedom Foundation has designed a card game that is entirely based around the concept of data privacy and security. Designed by Ishita Begani, “PowerPlay” is a card game in which the players will be required to maintain a balance between their character’s public and private data, while the government infringes upon the character’s privacy. The entire game has a privacy-themed context and will put players into different scenarios where they will have to decide the best way to protect their data.

"PowerPlay creates an understanding of the innumerable ways our data is vulnerable to abuse by unknown forces including our government. The citizens also become aware of how the bill challenges our basic notions of privacy. It is an approach to make people realise their ‘Right to Privacy’ under Article 21 of the Constitution and address the widespread problem of low awareness about data privacy in general."

Ishita Begani

Ishita stumbled upon the idea of PowerPlay while working on a thesis project based on the “Right to Privacy” and the controversial Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. In order to properly understand the bill and its vices, Ishita did everything from breaking down the complex bill to talking to lawyers, and even attending talks by activists.

She realized how important it was for the general public of India to understand what these laws meant and to be able to understand them in a quick and easy way.

"Quite often, we’re told that privacy is a right which lacks definition. People do not know what it means. Privacy is intangible since it relates to personal data and people cannot foresee the risks and harms of surveillance. Here, Ishita has made an engaging gameplay in which people are forced to make choices surrounding their privacy - literally by holding their privacy in their hands!"

Apar Gupta, Executive Director, Internet Freedom Foundation

Ishita went on to explore different ways in which people have communicated the importance of privacy awareness and the mediums they have used. After in-depth research on behavioural design and exploring various creative directions, she designed PowerPlay in a way for it to successfully engage people in situations of privacy threats and simultaneously pushing them to act.

“Since our founding, the Internet Freedom Foundation has sought to bridge the gap between the public and public policy, and organised its work around the engagement and communication required for this. Our digital rights literacy efforts combine subject expertise with storytelling, visual media creation, design, dissemination and strategic communication. This card game is yet another effort in the same direction!”

Farkhanda Zahoor, Communications and Fundraising Manager, Internet Freedom Foundation

Additionally, PowerPlay is a limited edition game that can only be bought by donating to the Indian Freedom Foundation. Head over to the Internet Freedom Foundation website to grab your own PowerPlay game and educate yourself about privacy of data and everything else surrounding it in a fun way, interactive way.

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