Cluvens Introduces An Arachnid Inspired Gaming Chair 'Scorpion'
Kashish Bhumbri

Cluvens Introduces An Arachnid Inspired Gaming Chair 'Scorpion'

Born out of a futuristic outlook, Cluvens' Scorpion is an extraordinary innovation when it comes to a home working and gaming setup. Read on to know more!

Established in 2019, Cluvens is a tech innovation organisation, designing with the aim of aiding the future. Operating in the area of futuristic and dynamic work and gaming modules, the company aims at producing and providing ergonomically and functionally sound set ups for people to use in the comfort of their homes.


The Scorpion is a product of sweat and wit, conceptualized and created in over a year’s time. Coming with multiple new and exclusive features, the one that has really caught our eye is the “Zero Gravity” position, made with the intention of increasing comfort and efficiency and reducing fatigue. Talking about comfort, the chair can be transformed into 6 positions and comes with an inbuilt massager as well as heated and tilted seating.


The tail of the Scorpion comes with the ability to support one wide screen monitor, or 3 to 5 smaller monitors, according to the user’s convenience, along with claw like structures that enable support for a keyboard.

With a rather elaborate build, the chair requires to be put in spacious settings. The Scorpion measures up to 65 inches in length, 47 inches in width and 82 inches in height when it is fully opened up. With USB and power sockets inbuilt, the chair fits the bill of a perfect work/gaming setup.


Priced at $2,199 (Rs. 1,61,880 approx.), the chair is available for sale on Cluvens' official website.

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