Amazon's Ring 'Always Home Cam': A Security Measure or Privacy Threat?
Aishwarya Kaur

Amazon's Ring 'Always Home Cam': A Security Measure or Privacy Threat?

Amazon owned home security business, Ring has announced a drone mechanized home security device, called Always Home Cam with multiple new features. Read on to know more.

Known for making lives easier for people all over the globe, with multiple products that can be delivered at lightning fast speed, Amazon has come forth with a rather interesting new innovation that has raised multiple eyebrows and questions.

The multi-billion dollar e-commerce outlet and brand's smart security division Ring recently revealed their newest product, called the Always Home Cam - a smart looking drone that flies across the users house in order to provide surveillance and security.


Coming with a charging device that blocks the camera while it is being charged, Always Home Cam is an autonomous drone, which flies on a path designated by the user after being given the feed on the house’s map. The drone comes with inbuilt propellers, and a mechanism that makes a distinctive whirring sound bringing awareness to when the device is recording surroundings. The obstacle avoidance technology allows the drone to steer clear of flying into any object that might be in its path.


In a statement by Ring, the company says that the device can prove useful in keeping smaller home accidents in check such as unchecked gas stoves or unlocked door to ensure optimal safety, when one is away from home. Additionally, the user can access the live feed of the drone when on the go, ensuring that everything is just as it had been left.


That being said, due to the ease of access with the device, there have been quite a few concerns raised as well. Always Home Cam is an unmanned flying device fitted with camera and Internet access and the fact that there’s no human control over the device’s movements apart from the pre-designated pathway, has caused a stir amongst the audience.

Concerns regarding the possibility of the drone to record anything and everything in its course of flight, and the fear of that footage being accessed by unwanted parties has caused ample uneasiness. Addressing this concern, Ring has stated that the distinct whirring sound that the device makes helps clarify exactly what part of the house is being monitored. While this might sound like an effective solution to the initial problem, the predicament of unauthorised sources hacking into or accessing the feed is still unresolved.


The reliability, and ironically 'safety', of the use of the Always Home Cam can only be tested once the product hits the market after obtaining approvals from the Federal Communications Commission. Priced at $249.99 (Rs. 18,455 approx.), the security device is expected to be available for purchase in the US, sometime in the coming year. Stay tuned to this space for all further details.

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