The Dramatic, Drastic, and Dynamic F1 Season 2021

The Dramatic, Drastic, and Dynamic F1 Season 2021

From championship contenders entering the last race of the season at equal points to penalties being thrown like confetti. Read on to recapture the historic season that was in Formula 1 this year.

Formula 1 isn't any less when it comes to sport dramas. No, they don't just sit and drive around a circuit at 300km/h speed. STOP CALLING IT A BORING SPORT. You'd be surprised at how much internal politics and conflicts are involved behind what you see on your screens (making me nostalgic about school). Today I will try to recap everything that has happened in the ever-so-dynamic Formula 1 season so far with just 1 race to go.

Honestly till last year, everything was monotonous about the entire season. It was Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen on the podium almost always. Hamilton and Mercedes had a very dominant season overall, as has been the scene for the past 7 years except for the 2016 Rosberg and Hamilton rivalry. At the end of the day, it was a Mercedes driver who won the Championship and it was Mercedes who won the constructor’s title. So, not spicy enough. The 2021 season on the contrary is all things saucy. The competition between the top teams and even the midfield has been too good and very interesting to follow (explains the 46728179 new fans of the sport).

Down to the wire

If you by any chance watched the Saudi Arabian GP, you know what I'm talking about. The 50 lap race on the second fastest circuit on the calendar was anything but short and quick. It took more than 2 hours for Lewis Hamilton to emerge as the winner after a lot of (ma)FIA decisions working in their favour. The only situation that has more red flags than the race are f*ck boys. The race was super confusing and controversial as most fans agreed. With the race director making offers to Red Bull and handing the race win to Mercedes with all the pointless penalties, race ke beech me deal no deal khel rahe hai ye log.

I feel there's an evident bias and I don’t know how it’s going to affect the last race. A lot of fans felt that the penalties being awarded to Max day in and day out are not fair and this wouldn't have been the case if Lewis was the one in his place. It all feels stupid at this point. Max has been super strong all year long, he hasn't lost his cool even after not being able to complete quite a few races. Perez was right in the middle of bad luck as always. If it’s not Red Bull messing up his race, it’s some other driver. Overall it has been pretty shitty for Red Bull despite having a fairly stronger car than other years. Watch the race highlights, it was a roller coaster.

Lewis Hamilton came out as the winner, equalling his points with Max Verstappen going into the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Both of them stand at 369.5 points currently. Imagine the drama, it being the last and deciding race if such was the case in this race. 'Drive to Survive' is gonna have a hell of a ride this year; with their knack of exaggerating things 10x, imagine what brilliant show they’re gonna put out in 2022.

The early phases of the season did not show good signs as it was again the same 3 people who ended up on the podiums with either Lewis or Max winning and Valtteri scrambling to get onto the podium places. Red Bull showed signs of hope with Max winning the second GP but it was, all in all, seeming to be the same things that were happening a lot throughout 2020.

I am very glad that did not become the case.

The summer before the summer break

The races from Monaco onwards were something that kept viewers hooked to their seats and made them remember why F1 is what it is currently. With a lot of twists and turns (quite literally), these races provided the true essence of racing and skill.

Chaotic is the word I'll use for Azerbaijan, Silverstone and Hungary in the mid season just before the break. Not one of these were without massive accidents. Moreover, different people on the podium sure seemed like a delight no one minded. Who doesn't want to see 5 cars out of the race on the very first lap. Except for Lewis fans, they're always salty.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>I miss :(</p></div>

I miss :(

With a few dull moments here and there, these races have majorly provided viewers the opportunity to be ever so invested in the race from the very beginning. If there is one thing we do feel bad for, it’s Mercedes not listening to Bottas when he said it was going to be a double pit stop race which eventually led to him losing podium place to both Red Bull cars in the French GP. Monaco was one mixed emotions race with Charles Leclerc not being able to start even after being on pole and Sainz and Norris sharing podium on the other hand.

Azerbaijan brought in a stream of bad luck for Max Verstappen as after leading throughout the race, his tyre punctured with just a few laps to go. It got balanced out by Lewis getting involved in a lock up and Sergio Perez eventually winning the race, but still hurts.

Silverstone was another successful recipe for drama. Max and Lewis clashed in the first few laps of the race, which ended up in Max being involved in a 51G accident. The problem was not just the fact that Lewis had rammed his wheel into Max’s car, the problem was also the nature of his celebrations after winning the race this way. I get the happiness and the adrenaline, but not when the guy you pushed off track ends up in the hospital. So much for being humble and an advocate of all things right. Esteban Ocon won the Hungarian GP, which was refreshing and wholesome.

It’s lights out and away we go

It's been eventful all along, why stop now? The season resumed with a similar note as it ended on before the mid season break with just lesser accidents. The Belgian GP was a race that wasn't. It stopped after a very few laps because of it being too rainy and the conditions being dangerous for drivers. Pole sitter Max Verstappen got away with the win with half points being awarded to him while young (and hot) Williams driver George Russell got 2nd position, his first podium ever. There was a time I used to politely ask him to marry me.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>These are all “Marry me, please” texts istg</p></div>

These are all “Marry me, please” texts istg

The Italian and Russian GPs also brought on a lot of drama in the season. Lando Norris lost out on the race win after an immature decision about saying no to switch to Intermediate tyres that are more suitable to wet races. Considering that he was only 21 at the time and functioning on not even 3 years of racing experience, cannot blame him. His competitor Lewis in the race obviously has a heap of more experience. The entire f1 fan base felt like they personally lost something that day. Again, except for Lewis fans, they're always salty.

Before you come at us, I'm not saying that Lewis is a bad driver or that he doesn't deserve to be at the place he is. He absolutely does because he made his way up. But at the same time if you look at it, it's the same concept as infamously quoted by Bunny in YJHD: Dal Chawal for life. It gets tiring to watch the same person winning day in day out in an unbreakable cycle because of a stronger car. Before you start cursing me about the fact that it’s the driver and not the car, it is absolutely about the car which George Russell proved last year after almost winning the race as soon as he got to sit into a Mercedes machine.

Making 25 places up in the Qatar GP was one of the best racing forms I have seen this season, as everyone agreed. Look at us Verstappen fans, credit where credit is due. The only problem is that he comes off as arrogant and disrespectful when things don’t go his way. Be it with his teammates, be it with the other drivers or teams. Again, watch the Saudi Arabia radio highlights or the Silverstone celebrations, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here.

All in all, it’s been hell of a season and I can't wait to see how it ends. Does the young lion take it home or does one driver break the record for most world championship titles ever. All I know is, it’s going to hurt someone.

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