F1 Zooms Back Onto Our Screens

F1 Zooms Back Onto Our Screens

The most popular racing event resumes after the forced break! Read on to know more about F1's latest comeback and all the upcoming races.

Sporting leagues across the globe have finally started resuming activities this season after several months of sabbatical, owing to the Coronavirus.

The latest news saw the high octane racing sport, Formula 1 starting to conduct races once again. The races which usually start in March and go on till November, however, have now been rescheduled.

Formula 1 has revealed Phase 1 of the revised calendar for the 2020 season with the first 8 races being held in the continent of Europe. The proceedings kicked off on July 5th in Austria, followed by a second race that was also held there on July 12th.


The remaining 6 races will be held as follows July 19th – Hungary, August 2nd – Great Britain, August 9th- Great Britain, August 6th – Spain, August 30th – Belgium and rounding off the last race for the first phase of races will be on September 6th in Italy. F1 chief, Chase Carey is confident in completing the 2020 calendar year with 15 to 18 races - a huge task taken on by the committee, given the circumstances and the time lost due to the break.“We feel good about it. We’re in uncharted waters. We certainly continue to have a lack of visibility beyond a fairly short time frame. We’re engaged with all our promoters and we’re in active discussion with all of them, all of them are struggling to have the same visibility."

Chase Carey, F1 Chief


Like every other sporting league which has resumed - health and safety are of the utmost importance. The FIA (The Federation International De Automobile) maintains that safety is at the heart of the plan to return.

The fans will have to wait until it is safe to attend such events, and F1 will resume without fans being present in the stands - a completely different feeling for the drivers given the cheers and buzz they have been accustomed to while completing the circuit.

These tough times also saw all the teams keeping aside professional rivalries to come together for Project Pitlane, an initiative to support health services and victims of the virus.

Going back to the Australian GP earlier this year, a person tested positive for the virus at the Australian GP and the entire race weekend had to be called off. Carey states that the procedures and guidelines being followed this time around are far stricter and any such incident will not prevent from the race moving forward. The drivers and teams will be flown in chartered planes and will be tested before travelling. Upon arrival, all the people involved will be in a bio-secure space, where the movement from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the circuit will be strictly monitored.


“In many ways, it will be like living in a bubble from when you start travelling on charter planes. There will be controlled transportation to hotels, transportation back and forth to the track from hotels. And probably within it, sub bubbles of people who operate different functions. It is set up to manage the processes, make sure we have the right protective equipment and social distancing."

Chase Carey, F1 Chief

Carey also states that now is the right time to return to action and with F1 making the much awaited comeback, the fans are sure to be absolutely thrilled. With rumours and assumptions regarding the player's transfer market making headlines as well, this upcoming season promises to hold several surprises. To know more, catch the complete interview with Chase Carey here.

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