We Are Underdogs: Walking Into Unchartered Territory

We Are Underdogs: Walking Into Unchartered Territory

The sneaker brand talks about its arrival into the Indian Market, the ideal WAU consumer and what you can come to expect from the experience.

For any brand, thinking of expanding and entering a completely new market is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Introducing your product in an unchartered territory comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Portugal based sneaker brand, We Are Underdogs, is all set to launch their first line of sneakers in the country alongside their official partners FTC.

The relatively new brand is already carving their niche in the heavyweight dominated sneaker industry today. A platform that is constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to empower up and coming footwear designers, We Are Underdogs is now set to launch and showcase their exclusive, limited edition sneakers in India.

So how does a brand of this unique disposition plan to succeed in a market overrun with hype-giants like Jordans and Adidas?

We spoke to Founder and CEO of We Are Underdogs, Paulo Saraiva Goncalves to hear his take on the brand's plans for its entry in India.

"Firstly I think if anyone thinks they are going to be able to battle against a Jordan follower or the Nike hype - its crazy. Forget about it, it doesn't work like that. I think - and this might sound a bit cocky or arrogant - but I think our audience is a bit more educated than the average hype beast that's happy with just another retro or drop. I love the silhouette of AJ1, sure, who doesn't? But there has to be more to it than just regurgitating a silhouette over and over."

Paulo S. Goncalves

India is yet to see a brand that offers the ultimate luxury sneaker experience at a great price. The brand uses the finest leather from Spain, Italy, and of course, Portugal, to create a fine product that prides itself on quality and skilled craftsmanship.

"Once we get a person to buy a pair of WAU, we have made a customer for life. Our consumers are a little bit more mature and definitely value quality over hype. People say 'I haven't seen this quality in sneakers since the 90s' which is why I say that we aim for a more educated and demanding audience than just the hype-ists. Ofcourse, there's nothing against that - it's just not really our audience."

Paulo S. Goncalves

On the exclusive partnership between FTC and WAU, Goncalves further expands,

“We needed to have someone who believed in the brand as a whole - to be able to tell the story of the brand. FTC was the kind of partner that believes and understood what were doing. It’s about growing alongside with us and vice versa. At the time being we only have two partnerships worldwide with retailers - one is in our country in Portugal and one is now in India! FTC was an ideal choice because it understood the potential of this project and this creative platform.”

Paulo S. Goncalves

With We Are Underdogs coming to the country, sneaker enthusiasts can expect a brand with an entirely different philosophy and aesthetic which comes across as a breath of fresh air. A brand that is diverse and global in every sense of the word and truly cares about the experience of the consumer. Stay tuned for more.

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