We Are Underdogs: A Brand Empowering Creatives Globally

We Are Underdogs: A Brand Empowering Creatives Globally

Meet the dynamic sneaker brand that gives rise to voices of new designers with effortless style and bespoke craftsmanship.

We Are Underdogs is a Portugal based sneaker brand that is making waves with the way it has revolutionized conceptual designer footwear. Painstakingly handcrafted in Portugal, each pair is exclusive and has a story behind it.

With a purpose that focuses on promoting and bringing to light niche ideas by aspiring designers and creators from all over, the collective gives rise to the voices and concepts of “connoisseur content creators”.

FTC caught up with Paulo Saraiva Gonçalves, the founding force behind We Are Underdogs and Portugal Footwear - a footwear sourcing agency, specialising in sneakers and men's footwear - to hear more about the brand in his own words.

“We launched in 2018, its been 2 years already – time flies! We Are Underdogs is not just a brand but more a creative platform. The motivation behind the brand has always been trying to empower the underdogs out there - people that usually don’t have it easy. It was to help them become the unexpected winners of an unequal fight which is also the slogan of our brand.”

Paulo S. Gonçalves

The initiative proposes a new sneaker conceptualised by a new designer/creator every month, that is produced in a limited run, accompanied by a note from the designer further adding to the exclusivity with a personal touch.

"We also wanted to stray away from usual seasonal collections, away from the spring/summer and autumn/winter routines – it is so over. It's all about new drops, new styles and colours without waiting for an entire collection; to have new stuff every week if possible."

Paulo S. Gonçalves

He further goes on to explain the manifesto behind the brand and some of its most important values and beliefs.

“There is one thing that is much more important to me than hype. Even more than just the aesthetics – it is the quality of the product. I love to hear every single review and comment about the brand. People have different opinions about the design and aesthetic but one thing that should be and is universal throughout the response is the comments on our intricate craftsmanship and quality of materials."

Paulo S. Gonçalves

Hailing from a shoe designing background himself, Gonçalves explains the brands manifesto centring around the importance of the quality he expects from his products, regardless of how big or small a brand they are and that with We Are Underdogs 'what you see, is what you get'.

"I'm a second generation shoe maker and I love to make premium sneakers. With big brands sometimes they release a product, deem it ‘revolutionary’ and add a bunch of zero’s to the end of the price tag, but the quality is not worth the retail price at all. With us what you see is what you get – good leather and good materials. You might like the design or not but in terms of quality I can confidently say we are second to none. So I would say that the main pillar behind the construct and success of the company is the insane quality of shoes that we produce.”

Paulo S. Gonçalves

When you decide to make a purchase from We Are Underdogs, you are not only signing up for a high end product that goes beyond expectations of good quality and great design - but you are signing up for a consolidated exclusive luxury experience.

The brand is entering the Indian market and the physical retail space for the first time ever with FTC Shop as it's official partner. More to come!

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