Superkicks: A Haven for Sneakerheads

Superkicks: A Haven for Sneakerheads

In the 3 years since its launch, Superkicks has become a one-stop destination for the country's Sneakerheads. Read on to know more about the store's journey and what the future holds.

On 6th April 2018, Sangeet Paryani launched the first-ever Superkicks store in Khar, Mumbai. Never before had Sneakerheads in India seen such a well curated collection of kicks in their home country and it was no surprise when the store’s popularity steadily and increasingly shot up following its launch.

During the time Superkicks first came up, India was seriously lagging behind when it came to the availability to purchase a variety of sneakers and exclusive drops, and multi-sneaker stores like Superkicks and VegNonVeg were some of the very first outlets who were able to get limited edition pairs to the country. This was also a part of the reason why Superkicks became so popular; the other was the incredible concept it was built around - Sangeet envisioned Superkicks to be a platform where people from all communities could come together and bond over something they loved.

Superkicks promoted inclusivity in everything they did and rather than concentrating only on Sneakerheads as their target audience, they made it a point to try and promote the sneaker and streetwear culture as a whole to a brand new audience. In a short duration of the 3 years since its first store opening, Sangeet expanded the Superkicks family to Bangalore and most recently, New Delhi.

"It’s been an amazing learning experience. I’ve been learning how to run a boutique kind of a store especially in a category that doesn’t really exist majorly. When I started I didn't know what the trajectory of the business would or how many people would be interested in a sneaker store like this. But it's overwhelming to see just how, in the last year itself, things have exploded!"

Sangeet Paryani

After three years of running Superkicks, Sangeet says that the motive to include new people and expand the culture has been a constant. The only thing that has changed over time is the way in which this can be done. Superkicks has always been a front runner when it comes to organising events and they believe that it is one of the best ways to get the community together and make people aware of the culture.

"We want all three Superkicks stores to be meeting point where people can come explore, learn and have fun. Unfortunately we were not able to do this in the past one year owing to COVID, but now as things are looking better, we can’t wait to kick start the events that we have in mind."

Sangeet Paryani

Source: Superkicks

Retro Kicks, for instance, was an event where sneakerheads in Bangalore got together to celebrate the timeless classics. The Air Force 1 Legacy was another event that celebrated the classic AF1 silhouette by organizing dance workshops, rap battles, sneaker and food customisation stalls, raffles, contests, and even sneakerhead meet ups; while the Fila x Superkicks launch saw the release of a hyper-limited V94M which was limited to only 90 pairs. These are just a few of the many events that Superkicks has organised in the past three years!

Sangeet’s personal favorite out of all of them what been the Sneaker Carnival, organised in 2018. Sneaker Carnival was one of the first events by Superkicks and saw several competitions and contests sponsored by brands like Asics, Fila, Reebok, etc. Sangeet goes on to explain that when Sneaker Carnival came to be, they were relatively new in the market and therefore didn't have too much pressure to run things a certain way, leaving them to do things any which way they wanted - at this point however, with a multifold increase in their reach, popularity and consumer base things have become much more diplomatic and polished.

As COVID-19 forced the world into lockdown, Sangeet started looking towards digital methods to organise events and virtually engage his audience on a level similar to that of an in-person, interactive event. The Superkicks community feature post, where they post pictures of people wearing shoes bought from Superkicks outlets, is one such way Superkicks that the platform shows its appreciation and acknowledgement for the community. Apart from this Staff Picks and Weekly Round-Ups highlight top picks and sneaker must-have lists some of the best sneakers present at the store.

"We need to be prepared for whatever the future holds because there are changes happening every day that can affect the way we live our life and we need to adapt according to these changes and make the best out of the opportunities we have."

Sangeet Paryani

In the past couple of years the sneaker community and awareness around sneakers as a whole has increased exponentially in India. This can be credited to a lot of factors and one of these factors is the hype culture. The influence of hype culture has redefined the way in which we look at brands and their products. Artists like Travis Scott define what is popular and what is not and although a lot of people have been introduced to the sneaker culture through it, Sangeet feels that it is equally important that people move further away from the hype and understand that there is a world beyond it.

He states that it is important that the people understand the mechanism behind the sneaker scene in the country - how the supply and demand works, what are the different ways in which a drop can take place, and that there is no way by which every person who applies for a raffle entry will win the raffle. He stresses on the fact that this type of knowledge is absolutely necessary and still at a nascent stage in India, but people who understand the importance of certain shoes should also understand this concept of supply and demand.

"I wish that the newer set of people who have been introduced to the culture explore sneakers that have served as the base for this culture. Hype sneakers have become entry level for a lot of people, and that’s great, but I hope they graduate into looking at different silhouettes and appreciate them because a lot of these silhouettes have immense history and context to them.”

Sangeet Paryani

The word culture has a different connotation for each individual and Sangeet's take on the term and its meaning is eye-opening. He tells us about Superkicks' aim to not only be a platform that provides an avenue for exclusive products in the country but also serve as a reference point to bring together the community and make it aware of the cultural sphere it resides in.

"Superkicks aims to contribute to this culture by being a bridge for people to access all the exclusive stuff that the country did not have before and by being a catalyst in speeding up the growth process of the culture by introducing more and more people to it through events and community engagement. The whole growth process of the community has to be organic, I don’t want to fiddle with it too much, I just want to give a platform for it to happen."

Sangeet Paryani

He further elaborates,

"I want anybody who is looking at Superkicks to look at it as a platform for them to express themselves in the best way possible. When you talk about sneakers and things related to it in front of people who are not interested, you feel a little left out, but when it comes to events that we or VegNonVeg or FTC does, we are looking at a lot of like-minded people coming together and it seems like a space where we can connect and this should keep on happening."

Sangeet Paryani

Superkicks has been a huge blessing for the Indian sneakerhead community, and time and time again have amazed us with the drops they offer. In a time when culture and community mean everything, platforms like these are an intrinsic part of coming together and building something from the ground up. We cannot wait to see what events they have in store for us in the coming future, but in the mean time head over to their online store to cop some heat for the summer!

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