Reebok And Pleasures Unveil The Beatnik

Reebok And Pleasures Unveil The Beatnik

Reebok continues it's ongoing collaboration with Pleasures for a re-release of one of its most comfortable silhouettes, The Beatnik.

ReebokReebok and Pleasures have finally put out a date for their new Beatnik collaboration. Initially teased in May on Pleasure’s official Instagram page, the Beatnik is Reebok’s classic slip-on sandal that is being re-released for the first time since 2018.

The silhouette is designed to be highly comfortable and the removable strap on the back makes it easy to wear and remove as well.

"The Beatnik is comfort interacting with style on a new level."

Alex James, Co-Founder - PLEASURES.

Pleasures is widely recognised for their bold designs and have done just that with this new rendition of the casual Reebok silhouette.

The sandals have an all-black suede upper and a rippled rubber outsole. The upper of the Beatnik features a spider web pattern that symbolises people's lives crossing paths.

To keep things interesting, the brand featured actual spiders for it's product shoot which resulted in some absolutely incredible (and also terrifying) imagery.

"When the web is destroyed, a new one is created. The cycle is never ending."

Alex James, Co-Founder - PLEASURES.

The extreme comfort of the silhouette combined with the unique design aesthetics by Pleasures make the Beatnik a must-have this season. The sandals come in a custom web cinch bag with a spider key chain.

With the whole world spending more time indoors thanks to the Pandemic, the Beatnik is the perfect footwear to comfortably lounge in.

The collaboration is set to release globally on the Pleasures website on 30th July and exclusively on the Reebok website on 31st July.

Release Date: 31st July, 10 AM on

Price: INR 9,999.

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