'On' Launches A Subscription-Based Sustainability Solution
Aishwarya Kaur

'On' Launches A Subscription-Based Sustainability Solution

Swiss brand 'On' has launched a groundbreaking sneaker subscription service that can be the future of sustainable sneakers.

From global giants like Adidas and Nike, and now the newest addition with the Swiss-based, performance sneaker brand On, brands all over the world are taking conscious steps towards a more sustainable approach when it comes to clothing and footwear.

On holds dominance over 40% of the Swiss sneaker market and has a fair share of influence in the performance sneaker market as well. In an effort to increase their global reach and inculcate the values of sustainability in the brand, the brand has come up with their latest 200gm, running sneaker the 'Cyclon'.


The all-white, fully recyclable shoe has been designed using castor beans, which, fun fact, are not a part of the food chain and are found in arid parts of India. More than half the shoe will be made with this plant based polymer including the laces, tongue, padding, and even the iconic 'Speedboard' mechanism of the brand that helps runners propel themselves with great force.


The parts of the shoe that are not made from the bio degradable material are instead recyclable and On claims that they are in process of developing bio-degradable counters of these parts too.

"Making a fully recyclable shoe is one thing. We went a step further. We wanted to show that sustainability and performance can go hand in hand. The outcome might be the most high-performance shoe we’ve ever engineered."

Olivier Bernhard, Co-Founder and Innovation Team Leader - On


There is one additional feature attached to the shoe, one that distinguishes On’s efforts from all its other counterparts. With Cyclon, the brand wanted to achieve full circularity, i.e. to make sure that the sustainable sneakers were actually being recycled and to make this happen the brand decided to make Cyclon only available to customers via a monthly subscription.

At the fair price of $29.99 (Rs. 2,200 approx.) a month, customer can send back as many used shoes as they want and get new and improved ones in return. Once On receives the used shoes back they recycle the entire shoe, recreating the original raw material and make new shoes from the same.


The Cyclon is slated for a release in Fall of 2021, mainly so that On can amass enough subscribers all over the world for it to be environmentally responsible and possible to deliver shoes, keeping in mind the carbon footprint. Stay tuned to this space for all future details.

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