Nike's 'Space Hippie' Drop Is Tackling Waste In A Whole New Way

Nike's 'Space Hippie' Drop Is Tackling Waste In A Whole New Way

Nike's new drop 'Space Hippie', highlights their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable shoe industry.

Nike’s 'Space Hippie' collection is the company’s latest step towards a more sustainable future.

Inspired by what the human life would be like on Mars, the collection is built on the idea that resources available to humans would be limited. The shoes are designed using space junk and scrap. The Space Hippie collection defies the mindset that sustainably produced products cannot be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Nike claims the collection has a perfect shoe for every type of athlete. Exhibiting four silhouettes with unique lacing options - Traditional laces, lace-less and FlyEase - Nike offers a variety of styles to choose from.

The material used for the shoes is what makes them stand out and take a step towards the sustainability movement. The upper is designed using 85% rPoly which is made from recycled t-shirts, water bottles and yarn scraps. The Crater foam is also made from 100% recycled foam material. The use of these elements in the shoes makes them not only environment friendly but also very lightweight.

While initially the collection was set to release on June 11th, Nike SNKRS has postponed the release of all four models to July 3rd. Although the Space Hippie Collection is not 100% sustainable, it is a definite step towards mindfully produced, more eco friendly shoes.

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