Louis Vuitton Releases First-Ever Skate Shoe

Louis Vuitton Releases First-Ever Skate Shoe

Designed by pro-skater Lucien Clarke along with Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton skate shoe is going to be one of the hottest drops of the year! Read on to get a closer look.

Skateboarding has evolved from a form of self-expression to a full-fledged sport in the mainstream world. Every year thousands of people watch the contests that are held around the globe - in fact, before the Pandemic altered the course of events, skateboarding was all set to be the newest sport addition at the Tokyo Olympics that were to be held this year.

This rise in the fame of skateboarding has led various artists and designers to collaborate on collections and pieces inspired by the action-sport and the Louis Vuitton x Lucien Clarke skate shoe is the latest addition to the list.

As had been predicted with Virgil Abloh leading Louis Vuitton to new heights, it was only a matter of time before other aspects of street culture (in this case skateboarding) would truly take over the luxury brand.


These LV kicks are the first-ever skate shoes to be designed by the brand in its 166 years of operations. First revealed to the public via Clarke’s Instagram, the shoe has been co-designed with Abloh and were teased in an advert by Thrasher.

This is not the first time the Jamaican pro-skater has worked with LV - Clarke who is also a model, has been featured in the lookbooks and walked a few runway shows for the brand as well.

The design of the shoe has an early 2000’s puff-vibe to it and has been constructed using a combination of mesh and suede materials. The midsoles of the sneaker are semi-translucent.

The sneaker also features three LV monogram motifs towards the heel and are connected through a midfoot plate. The LV stamp can be seen at multiple places like the tongue and the backside of the outsole.

Lucien Clarke

Clarke initially teased 2 colourways - the Black/Orange and the Green/Grey - and followed up with 2 more a while later - the White/Orange and the Black/Blue.

The sneakers have since received a mixed response from the skateboarding community. While some people were pleased with a collaboration of this magnitude and believe that it will open a lot of doors for future collaborations and partnerships within the subcultural community, several others claim that this is just an attempt by the luxury brand to show people that it is authentic by aligning itself with skateboarding community.

Lucien Clarke

The release date and official retail price of the sneakers has not yet been revealed, but with the luxury tag of the LV branding, the shoes are not expected to be humbly priced. Stay tuned to this space for all further details.

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