It's Customisation Season With India's Superstars Of Change

It's Customisation Season With India's Superstars Of Change

This has been a big year for the Adidas Superstar silhouette. Read on to look at a few of the Indian artists and creators that were a part of Adidas Originals campaign 'Superstars of Change'.

The Adidas Superstar is a legendary silhouette. Introduced globally in the year 1970, Superstar was designed to be a shoe for the court and shortly after its release, succeeded in dominating the basketball industry.

The Superstar soon rose to new heights with everyone from rappers to basketball players to skateboarders donning the sneakers and has become an intrinsic part of the culture.

Most recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Adidas wanted to do more with the iconic silhouette, which led to a string of collaborations between the sneaker and artists as well as brands from different communities and parts of the world.

Earlier this year Adidas Orignals introduced their “CHANGE IS A TEAM SPORT” campaign, led by actor Jonah Hill.

The primary aim of the campaign was to use the power of teamwork to create and inspire positive change in local communities across the globe. The campaign brings together the Adidas family of creators which includes names like Ninja, Kerwin Frost, Blackpink, Pharrell Williams, Jonah Hill and many more.

"Change Is a Team Sport celebrates the idea that when creators join together, we can drive and inspire change."

Torben Schumacher, General Manager - Adidas Originals & Style Global Brand

One part of this campaign was the "Superstars of Change" - an effort by Adidas to inspire the next generation and create a new legacy for the Superstar silhouette.

As part of the campaign, 50 Indian influencers, artists and creators were chosen as the 'Superstars of India', and received a chance to create and design a special, custom rendition of the silhouette.

Take a look at some of the unique collaborations.

Chaitanya Dixit:

Bombay based artist and sneaker customiser, Chaitanya Dixit, has designed a whopping 34 out of the 50 Superstars!

Including himself, Dixit has designed the sneakers for Rohit Sharma, Pooja Dhingra, Akshar Pathak, Kunal Kamra, Anurag Kashyap, Superkicks, and many others.

Every sneaker that has been designed is inspired by a particular idea and expresses a certain message. The artists' personal favourite out of all his designs is the custom pair created for Rohit Sharma and his family that drew inspiration from Sharma’s love of the ocean and coral reefs.

The sneakers wish to spread the message and inspire a change by helping oceans become plastic free and promote a healthy future for aquatic life.

Santanu Hazarika:

Santanu Hazarika, a Delhi based artist and illustrator, gave the silhouette a Gold and Black makeover in his rendition.

The design is meant to represent a change in peoples hearts - to lead them to find the good in their heart. The gold on the sneaker is a metaphorical reference to kindness as wealth.

"The change is to be a wealthy beacon of kindness."
Santanu Hazarika


Mooz, better known as his Instagram handle, is a pioneer of the Indian graffiti scene. His customised version of the Superstar silhouette features an abstract form of one of his graffiti designs, in which the pattern represents the 'Force' that is put into the lines and letter strokes when painting on the streets.

"Expressing ourselves! Self expression is the Change for me."


Param Sahib:

Indian illustrator and maximalist designer Param Sahib, dedicated his Superstars of Change to the Indian artisans and the beautiful art of Kutch, Gujarat.

Artisans are an essential part of the Indian economy but they belong to sector that is often neglected and needs to be uplifted and empowered.

"The sneaker depicts that an artist's mind is always on the run."

Param Sahib

Celebrating the spirit of the artisans and taking cues from the ethnic craft, the sneaker features bold colours and patterns that portray the idea of iconic Kutch mirror work.


One of the first sneaker boutiques in India, VegNonVeg, based their Superstars of Change on the concept of Peace and Unity.

In times like these when the world is overrun by hate and bigotry, standing together united to achieve peace has never been more important. VegNonVeg represents a concept of inclusivity and believes that people with different tastes and opinions can come together and be united by their love for something common.

Their design of the Superstars features the words Unity (Ekta) and Peace (Shaanti) on the sides of the sneakers, in Hindi script, that is blended in with the iconic three stripes.

This amazing and inclusive initiative by Adidas is one to be remembered and truly reinstates the need for significant changes in today's world. The brilliant designs prove that there is hope yet and inspire us all to do better.

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