Flex Fresh Kicks With Sneakinn Laundry

Flex Fresh Kicks With Sneakinn Laundry

Sneakers need a special level of attention & care and for that, Sneakinn has got your back! Read on to know more about the country's first dedicated sneaker cleaning store.

The sneaker and luxury fashion market has grown exponentially, all over the world and is continuously rising and expanding even now. People are buying, selling, trading and re-selling limited edition as well as general release sneakers and clothes for thousands of dollars, and while some people parade these grails on their walls, others believe in wearing them and letting their feet do the talking.

For those people walking around in their $1000 dunks, sneaker care products are an absolute necessity. Over the years a good number of brands, specialising in sneaker care and cleaning have popped up and while these products do work well to a certain extent, sometimes a professional approach is a must.

When shoes go through a regular use cycle, at a point, it does become difficult for sneakerheads to clean the shoes on their own - this is where the stars of this article make an entry. Sneakinn is your fix for fresh kicks! Their Instagram page is filled with before and after pictures of supremely clean Off-White's, Louboutin's, Gucci's and Yeezy's and is a testimony to the amazing work they have done in the past.

Sahil Jain and Arunima Singhal conceptualised Sneakinn before the global pandemic. Being admirers of the sneaker and streetwear culture, they realised that prevalent sneaker cleaning stores in the country treated special kicks as if they were just another pair of shoes, not realising the specific care and attention they require. Wanting to give Indian sneakerheads and hypebeasts the perfect pit stop for all their sneaker care needs, the pair came up with Sneakinn - a place that actually knows and appreciated the stories behind each pair of kicks that come into their establishment.

"We found a lack of quality in the existing services, there was no company that was entirely focused on the sneaker market. We understand the value that sneakerheads hold for their shoes but for most of these companies there is no distinction between the pairs and this is the gap that we wanted to cover."

Arunima Singhal

Sahil and Arunima hired a team and started training them to understand the different types of materials that are used in sneakers and how to actually clean them. After a five-month training program Sneakinn opened their doors to the sneakerheads of Delhi and in merely 2 months their inbox was filled with orders and custom requests.

The company offers various types of services starting with the classic clean, which will deep clean your entire sneaker, along with additional treatments like water protection, de-yellowing, sole and crease protection, lace replacements, and restoration. Sneakinn's motivation behind starting these restoration services was to try and curb the amount of waste that was being generated simply because of discarding damaged shoes and accessories entirely, that could easily be replaced or restored.

"The response has been overwhelming, people are sending in collection worth lakhs and all this is because of the trust that they have in us."

Arunima Singhal

The response received by Sneakinn shows how much the Indian market was in need of something that was focused entirely on sneakers. Owing to the customer requests Sneakinn has also expanded their business and started dealing with premium leather handbags, wallets, luggage and formal shoes but stand firm on the fact that they have mastered the art of cleaning sneakers and that will always be their primary market.

"We want people to come to us because we want to encourage the culture of preserving sneakers and taking care of them the best anyone can."

Arunima Singhal

Both the founders are well aware of the growth that the Indian sneaker market has seen in the past few years and hence they also plan on expanding their business to multiple cities across the country in the coming future. However, before doing so, they want to serve the Delhi sneakerhead community to the best of their abilities. The company is also planning to introduce their own line of self-care products for sneakers like bags, and stain repellent sprays, in the near future.

"For us sneakers are an integral part of the culture and we saw that the Indian market has the appetite to purchase those kinds of sneakers but there was no one providing the level of service to take care of those sneakers."

Arunima Singhal

Next time you are in Delhi and you feel like your kicks need a little break make it a point to drop them off the Sneakinn for the perfect treatment. Check out their Instagram page for some awe-inspiring sneaker treatments and book your slot now!

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