Dior's B30 Combines The Past And The Future

Dior's B30 Combines The Past And The Future

As part of Dior’s Spring'22 collection is the Dior B30 that breaks away from the luxury house’s signature monogram, incorporating French modernism into aerodynamic graphics of the sporty silhouette.

Ever since Kim Jones took the reins of Dior, it has sprung the luxury house high into the stratosphere with meaningful collaborations that brilliantly intertwine the sensibilities of both parties involved as well as by pushing menswear into haute couture. His presence in the fashion sphere has been trailblazing even before he made it to Dior. Cases in point: imbuing Louis Vuitton with his personal idea of luxury streetwear, introducing more tech fabrics into sportswear, and being one in favor with the idea of restoration. Once again, he has taken this route with Dior’s latest B30 sneakers that are part of its Spring 2022 collection. Jones' foray into sneakers arises from the fact that the footwear category of Dior Men is skyrocketing with an enormous demand for the same.

The B30 sneakers step away from what has by far been Dior’s brand DNA, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the aesthetic of New Balance but hey, no complaints. Moreover, Dior stepped away from their cluttered monogram slapped everywhere that we saw vividly dancing in the swoosh of the Dior Air Jordans.

Since Kim Jones tapped into the archives of the luxury house and the legacy of Monsieur Dior himself, Jones wanted to embody more of his persona into the sneakers. The result? Doing away with the trademark Dior logomania and a novel, reflective CD monogram on each side of the sneaker as well as on the sole. It’s refreshing to see a Dior sneaker reimagined with Jones moonwalking back in time yet again to the reign of former Dior designer - Marc Bohan’s 1960s design which circled around creating grace-emitting and unrestricting pieces.

That is also how French Modernism comes into the picture with the keywords: grace, simplicity and elegance harmonizing with the past and the future. The ethos of French modernism lies in looking back while simultaneously looking forward which is what the B30s essentially stand for with its modernistic approach of promulgating “aerodynamics athleticism” while peeking in Dior’s rich heritage. From the typography of the ‘CD’ logo to the structure and motifs like contrasting lines in the logo inculcated in the kicks, all are inspired by urban design and are utilitarian that is quintessentially french modernist. The idea of the movement also pushed the ideas of fluid design, moving away from the geometric sensibilities of art deco and the pomp and show aspect of it which is abundantly on display in the B30 sneakers. Breaking away from the tradition was another screaming principle of French modernism that’s reflected in the luxury house eschewing the use of their signature monogram.

Coming to the sneakers, the design is an elevation of the humble running shoes, and is available in 5 colorways namely white, black, lime, olive, and beige. Crafted in mesh, it sports forefoot, midfoot, and heel leather overlays and is trimmed with contrasting lines. The name of the luxury house is plastered in a plethora of ways, with the tongue embellished with a Dior B30 reflective badge with the back and sides embossed with CD30. Experimenting with EVA soles, currently, the lightest material on the market, the inside construction of the shoe is all about comfort and breathability with foam insoles. Further, Dior has toyed around with newer tech materials like microfibers, giving the wearer an idyllic combination of flexibility and lightness.

The running shoe is reminiscent of the beloved dad sneakers that rose to fame over the past few years offering up a nostalgic shape with a reflective color scheme. Both dynamic and luxurious, these sleek sneakers can be styled with anything from trousers to shorts to jeans. To give your wardrobe this sporty yet chic uplift, pre-order them here.

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