Converse: The RENEW Pack

Converse: The RENEW Pack

Converse for their RENEW approach is releasing sneakers that have been made with waste undyed cotton. Taking us a step closer to sustainable sneakers.

The latest addition to the Converse’s Chuck Taylor line is a bit different from the rest. A part of the brand’s RENEW initiative the “Tri-Panel” pack will feature the classic sneaker in two heights.

RENEW is a part of Converse’s larger sustainability initiative. What makes these sneakers different is the material being used; Converse will be using undyed, repurposed waste cotton for the construction of the shoe.

The shoes get their unique tri colour arrangement due the upcycling process that utilizes between 30% to 40% waste canvas. Two colorways, “Prairie Sand/Noble Grey” and “Mellow Rose/Plein Air”, will be available for both high and low tops.

Release Date: May 15th,2020

Retail Price: $100 (Rs.7500)

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