CAVIAR Launches New Discovery Collection Inspired By Elon Musk's Dragon Mission

CAVIAR Launches New Discovery Collection Inspired By Elon Musk's Dragon Mission

Customisation brand Caviar, as part of their Discovery collection, has designed some real 'out of the world' iPhones and Air Force 1s. Read on to get a closer look.

SpaceX’s Dragon was the first-ever commercially built and designed spacecraft that was recovered successfully from the orbit. This mission truly 'launched' the private sector into space, giving birth to endless possibilities and a new era of commercial activity in space.

As a celebration of this historic moment, Russian luxury customisation brand Caviar has released two products - an iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max along with Nike Air Force 1's - as a part of their new 'Discovery' collection, under the label “MUSK BE ON MARS”.

As the name suggests the products are an effort to celebrate Elon Musk’s notable obsession with making Mars habitable.

What truly makes these items out of this world are the fact that they have been made using real parts of the Dragon capsule that went to space!

This is not the first time Caviar has fused a one-of-a-kind outer space object to their products. The brand's last year Discovery collection saw the release of the iPhone 11 pro, fused with pieces of meteorites from the surface of the Moon as well as Mars, and even materials of spaceship Vostok-1 and the Soyuz satellite.

This year’s release has set the bar even higher with the the back of the iPhone representing the flight of the Dragon spacecraft along with the words "MUSK BE ON MARS” and Musk's signature and full name.

With a limited number of only 19 pieces being produced, the phones are priced between $5830 (Rs. 4,36,510 approx.) and $6290 (Rs. 4,70,950 approx.)

The phone also features multiple Caviar branding's and the model name along with other technical details on the side.

The Air Force 1’s that were designed as a part of this collection are hand-painted to showcase the landscape of the Red Planet surrounded by space filled with stars creating an illusion of walking on Mars.

The sneakers also have a piece of the Dragon spacecraft attached on the lace pin.

Limited to only 49 pieces (Elon Musk's current age), these space kicks can be copped for a whopping $1380 (Rs. 1,03,320 approx.)

Both the iPhones and the Sneakers are available for pre-order on the Caviar website.

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