Ben & Jerry's " Chunky Dunky" SB Dunks

Ben & Jerry's " Chunky Dunky" SB Dunks

A perfect dessert to beat the heat!.

"The Dunk" is a gift that keeps on giving and this time,much to everyone's surprise, the gift has come inspired by the world's most favorite dessert, Ice-Cream.

The new Ben & Jerry's SB Dunks. Among one of this year's most coveted sneakers. Black and White overlays signify the cow in the B&J logo while the banana yellow swoosh drips as if melting like ice cream after being outside just a bit too long.

Finished by co-branding and some multi-color tie-dye lining, the sneaker is decorated in the ice-cream brand's most celebrated flavor 'Chunky Monkey'- giving the colorway itself a "Chunky Dunky" namesake to match.

Release Date : 26th May 2020

Price: $100 (Rs. 7590 ) Approx.

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