A Blunt Story: Towards A Sustainable and Breathable Future

A Blunt Story: Towards A Sustainable and Breathable Future

A Blunt Story makes sandals that take arms against a sea of plastic while also retaining its unique aesthetic. Read more about the brand's Uncrude and Unwaste approach to sandals.

Amidst trends that are staging a homecoming are the evergreen sandals that have stood tall through the sands of time, being a breathable choice in the scorching heat of summers and when donned with socks makes you winter-ready, a look that's also been approved by the likes of Justin Bieber and the Beckhams.

Unfortunately, ordinary sandals are not very environmentally friendly and are largely made from crude oil derived plastics and polymers. Enter: 'A Blunt Story®'.

This Delhi-based brand questions the systems that exploit the nature that surrounds us. The brand's material-centric approach changes things beyond the cosmetic level- they challenge the use of crude oil based materials, like EVA, TUP, Synthetic rubber and polyester.

They get to the root of the problem and present their truths, one blunt story at a time. In words of the founder of the brand, Chandni, “We felt the green-washed ideas of sustainability marketed by the larger brands left the story half told, so we wanted to break it all down and make something for an informed, empowered consumer who is pushing for change.

Their innovations for the same are 'Uncrude®', a 100% petroleum free sole made from plant-based materials, and 'Unwaste™' uppers made from upcycled waste in the hope of redirecting some from landfills. In addition to that, the brand promotes skilled and unskilled workers instead of fast-paced mechanical production. This helps them respond to the issues of overproduction and overconsumption which are pressing concerns in our country. Sneak a peek of their sustainable and long lasting offerings listed below.


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The sandal’s backstrap is removable and it is made from 100% upcycled leather and cushioning from post consumer garment waste with organic bamboo fabric lining on 100% plastic-free Uncrude® soles.


Via: A Blunt Story 

This sandal comes with a flippable back strap and sits on their signature Uncrude® sole that is recyclable with mesh upper from recycled post consumer pet bottles and an organic bamboo fabric lining.


Via: A Blunt Story

This modular high top sandal too comes with removable backstrap. It is made from 100% upcycled leather, mesh and cushioning and organic lining and 100% plastic-free Uncrude® soles.

“Sustainability when looked at holistically encompasses a lot and requires steady improvements to address the interconnectedness of systems it hopes to address. So we don't claim to be 100% sustainable rather on a journey towards it that has started with addressing issues closest to our hearts first.”

Chandni, Founder, A Blunt Story

It took over 2 years of research, experimentation and trials, and the environmentally friendly material required a long and testing time to produce. The pandemic, of course, did not help much as it caused delays, supply chain inflation, and disruptions that continue to this day for the brand.

Aligning the brand's vision with the products comes at a huge cost, to which Chandni said, "Situated in India, we are gutted that products aren't accessible to a lot of people currently. Sadly though the materials and processes that enable us to extract all plastics from the chemistry of the sole and shift to circular approaches come at significantly higher costs." With recyclable soles, they also encourage consumers to send their sandals back in for recycling after they are worn out.

This makes their products inaccessible for a huge number of people, but if the priorities were determined by careful consideration and not by fast fashion, people would buy less but long-lasting products. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. All of this can shatter the morale of those who dedicate their time to the brand but they looked at it as a form of long-term investment toward a better and breathable future.

With an meticulous attention to the raw materials that go into making a footwear, A Blunt Story has taken an essential step towards a sustainable approach to footwear production and are hence, on the path to prove that the current systems can be changed.

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