7 Of The Most Innovative Sneaker Boxes Released These Past Two Decades

7 Of The Most Innovative Sneaker Boxes Released These Past Two Decades

Sometimes packaging takes precedence over the product. In the case of sneakers, limited-edition boxes are a whole other territory. FTC rounds up their picks for 7 of the most innovative sneaker boxes.

For any sneaker enthusiast, purchasing a brand new pair (especially if it's a limited-edition drop!) is an experience in itself. The process of unboxing your favourite cop holds a different joy altogether.

Needless to say, it has become fairly common for limited-edition sneakers to be released almost every other month and what truly sets them apart is the distinct packaging styles and creative boxes they come in.

We rounded up 7 such sneaker boxes that have their very own story to tell.

1. Adidas NMD Pitch Black Utility Pack:

One of the most legendary sneaker packaging's ever, the Adidas NMD Utility pack case was almost as desirable as the shoes it held! With only 500 sneakers produced in 2016, the Pitch Black pack made NMD fans go wild.

A sturdy Rimowa Topas Multiwheel 45L suitcase was kitted with an Oral-B electric toothbrush, Porter travel pouch, SIGG traveller water bottle, and a project Type-2 carabiner completed with a set of earplugs to provide all the travel essentials you could possibly need to carry with these pair of shoes. It is, most definitely, one of the most expensive sneaker boxes ever.


2. Adidas Milli:

The Adidas Milli is the perfect example of a sneaker box which is innovative and informative. The Milli sneakers were developed for runners to enhance their speed and power in order to accomplish the ultimate goal to win a race or championship.

Designed by Jenny Kim, she described the box as,

‘The name Milli is short for ‘millimeters’, the unit that measures the size of bullets. It is also short for ‘millisecond’, which is often the margin of victory in a foot race. The shoe is placed inside a bullet-shaped box, a symbol of power and speed.'

Jenny Kim


3. Under Armour Apollo Speedform:

In an attempt to make a statement in the running shoe market, Under Armour launched the Apollo Speed Run in 2014. The shoebox, however, took everyone by surprise.

Shaped in the form of a ‘Jet Plane’, the packaging effectively puts across its point of how fast the shoes aims to make you run. The shoes were placed tilted slightly forward, in the box, giving an impression of being ready to launch. The packaging also included a jet shaped USB key chain, a tech card and a T-Shirt.


4. Blue Lobster Dunks:

Having released back in 2009, the Blue Lobster collaboration between American retailer Concepts and Nike is one of the hardest shoes to find on the resale market and is currently reselling for a staggering $1,300.

The sneakerbox, however, is even more limited-edition than the sneakers. While the sneakers were inspired by the rare blue lobsters found by fishermen on the East Coast, the shoes were packaged in a unique Styrofoam box modelled after the lobster shipping crates.


5. Puma Clever Little Bag:

Designed in collaboration with Fuseproject, the Clever Little Bag was a result of continuous efforts to reduce the tonnes of waste caused by the production of shoe boxes.

Designed in a way that would replace the use of retail shopping bags, the box includes a strap which converts it into an easy-to-carry bag with the Puma branding on the outside giving it the overall look and feel of a shopping bag.


6. The Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky SB Dunks Box:

One of 2020's most anticipated releases, the Chunky Dunky SB Dunk’s saw two brands from completely different segments (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Nike) come together.

Shaped like a giant, iconic Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream tub, the box retains the brands signature colours of blue, white and yellow and features the sneaker name instead of a flavour name that is usually seen on a B&J’s tub.


7. Jordan AJNT 23:

The Jordan AJNT 23, a performance inspired lifestyle silhouette is said to be linked to legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield.

Going back to 2002, when Jordan released a special metal briefcase-like box for the Jordan 17 silhouette - an ode to the businessman - the story comes full circle in 2020 with the AJNT23 packaging.

The sneaker comes nestled in a premium foam-lined, classy metal briefcase that adds a flair of sophistication to the sleek sneaker.


With the sneaker culture on a steady rise, the packaging and boxes of new sneaker releases are just as anticipated as the shoes they contain! The future is sure to see, newer more innovative and creative renditions of these very boxes and we can't wait to see what's in store!

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