4/20 Delights: When Sneakers Meet That Good Kush

4/20 Delights: When Sneakers Meet That Good Kush

Nike, Adidas, Vans and all the other sneaker giants have been celebrating the cannabis holiday (4/20) for years now. Lets take a look at some of the best weed inspired sneakers.

The term 4/20 is said to have originated all the way back in 1971, when a couple of high school students were searching for an abandoned cannabis crop. They used to meet every day at 4:20 pm and light a joint in front of a statue of Louis Pasteur. The tradition quickly traveled around the world and gave us the unofficial 'weed holiday,' on the 20th of April.

The collision of the worlds of sneakerheads and stoners can be owed to the skate culture of the time. As of now, every sneaker brand celebrates 4/20 in its own way. Here's a look at the hottest sneakers that have been released as a part of celebrating 4/20.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Hemp” Pack (2004)

Nike made it's introduction in the ganja game with the Dunk Low "Hemp" Pack. The pack features three different colorways- maroon, bonsai green and baby blue. The upper on the sneakers was mainly hemp and each shoe was individually numbered, with only 420 shoes being released for the entire world.

BAIT x adidas Stan Smith Vulc (2016)

The Adidas Stan Smith Vulc is the first sneaker to take inspiration from medicinal marijuana. The sneaker features a hemp-made upper, that sports a stoned-out pattern. This pattern was heat-pressed to give it a unique look and feel. The tongue of the shoe featured a "Prescribed" tag, and a stash pocket.

Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk” (2010)

The SB Dunk "Skunk" is easily one of the best marijuana-themed sneakers, and also one of the most desired pair of SB Dunks. For the shoe, Nike used the hairy suede upper in various shades of green along with a little bit of purple. The insoles feature skunk graphics and the also shoes boasted a not-so-subtle stash pocket behind the tongue.

Supra S1W “Tree Camo” (2013)

Everyone knows that the Godfather of weed-inspired sneaker design is Chad Muska. Chad was a legendary skater, and also the founder of Supra. He designed his first ever grass-themed sneaker with a brand called éS in 1997. Later, when he started Supra, the ganja-influenced "Tree Camo" was a sneaker that a lot of people were expecting. The shoes were released in collaboration with Lil Wayne as a part of his Vice Pack collection.

Adidas Originals Campus 80s X South Park (2021)

To celebrate 4/20 this year, Adidas collaborated with the creators of South Park to design a sneaker based on Towelie, the episode with a genetically engineered towel of the same name, that gets its superpowers from getting high. The upper of the shoes is made with a purple terrycloth material, which is also used to make towels. The shoe features two giant eyes on the tongue that turn bloodshot red as soon they are exposed to sunlight, which makes it one of the most discernible shoes for stoners all around.

Weed-inspired sneakers have become a big part of the culture and as more and more countries move towards the legalisation of the plant, there's no doubt that they will become more mainstream in the coming years. Let us know in the comments which one these is your favourite weed sneaker.

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