35 Years Of The Reebok Club C Silhouette
Kashish Bhumbri

35 Years Of The Reebok Club C Silhouette

As Reebok celebrates the 35th anniversary of their iconic tennis silhouette, Club C, we take a look at some of the best collaboration and colourways of the silhouette.

Designed by Paul Brown and launched in 1985 with an objective of being a durable performance tennis shoe, Reebok's Club C silhouette has even an icon in its own right. It was also around this time period that Reebok was making its name in the world of tennis with their Phase 1 and Phase 1 pro sneakers and with Club C’s entry, they gained monopoly over the tennis shoe market. The shoe was a blend of all the right materials, making it super lightweight, and the clean and sleek design made it possible yo be worn both on and off the court.

Now, 35 years later we take a look at some of our favourite colourways and collaborations of the silhouette.

Reebok x 43einhalb Club C Revenge Mu 'Revenge Of Ruì' (2019):


The Reebok x 43einhalb Club C was a part of the International Foods Story project. The shoe was based on a fictional success story of an immigrant Panda, who is a cook, based in London. The classic white sneaker was designed using high quality leather and the special part about the shoes is the details.


The laces are covers with the text ‘RUI BU’ and ‘THE COOKING PANDA’ , and the tongue sports graphics of a panda face in a chefs hat. Additionally, The box of the shoe came with Reebok branded chopsticks, a menu and several decorative stickers.

SoleBox x Reebok Club C 85 ‘Year of the Court’ (2016):


SoleBox, a European retailer, collaborated with Reebok to give us the most unique rendition of the Club C silhouette. Other than the stone grey on the shoe collar and pop of red on the tongue tag as well as stitching detail, the entire shoe, from the midsole to the tongue sported an interesting turquoise hue.


Keeping in mind the origins of the shoe's tennis history, the upper featured ribbed overlapping leather that replicated the grip of a tennis racquet. The shoe also came with a special box that was a turquoise colour, as well.

Size? x Reebok Club C ‘Teasel Suede’ Pack (2016):


Size? And Reebok came together in 2016 and redesigned the Club C silhouette by replacing all the leather on the upper with suede and the result was two very luxurious looking colourways.


The shoes came out in a 'Merlot' and a 'Black' colourway giving an overall luxe feel that was minimalist yet classy. The shoes also sported a tiny Union Jack stamp on the sides, as a tribute to Club C’s UK roots.

Artists for Humanity x Reebok Classic Collection (2017):


Artist for Humanity is a Boston-based organisation that helped bring social change for under-resourced youth. The collaboration gave four lucky teenagers an opportunity to design limited-edition sneakers for Reebok and get paid in the process.

Boston Design Guide

In the end three incredible designs were presented and released in very limited quantities. Teenagers Jonathan Tejeda and Kathleen Canola used the Club C Silhouette for a design that was inspired from William the Conqueror’s coat of arms. The shoe featured a mix of yellow, red and blue colours and had the year ‘1066’ stamped on the heel which represented the battle of Hastings.

Curren$y x Sneaker Politics x Reebok Club C 85 JL (2017):


Sneaker Politics, a sneaker shop in Louisiana, has collaborated with Reebok on a regular basis, but this collaboration was something different. Designed with a marijuana-inspired approach, the upper of the shoe was covered in green hairy suede to mimic the texture of the marijuana nuggets and had fellow collaborator American rapper, Curren$y’s name on the label as well as his signature on the heel.

The Boombox

The white midsole and gum outsole complemented the upper perfectly and the shoes came with a sneaky stash pocket and hemp laces.

Hanon x Reebok Club C ‘Claymore’ (2017):


This shoe is easily the most detailed Club C sneaker you will ever see. It was inspired by the legendary Claymore sword, which was characterized by the circular shapes on the side of its handle. The upper of the shoe was a mix of “Pig Suede” and “Chain Mail” mesh that mimicked the sword. The silver grey colour of the upper was complimented by the brown satin lining and blue rubber outsole.

Sole & Shape

The Reebok logo on the tongue was replaced by a shield and tongue and the shoe also featured a Celtic Knot pattern on the collar lining. Other details included golden eyelets that had the words ‘Hanon’ on them and golden swords on the heel tabs.

Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Classic Club C (2017):


Back in 2016-17 Kendrick Lamar was set on changing the world with his politically conscious music and this was easily visible in everything he did, including his collaborations with Reebok. Lamar did numerous collaborations with Reebok back then, and one thing that was common in every single one of them was the theme of unity. His Club C collaboration was no different.


The shoe featured an acid washed black and white denim upper- the use of which was an attempt to represent racial equality and the red accents symbolised passion and power. The shoes replace the ‘Reebok Classic’ branding with the initials ‘K’ and ‘O’ which stand for Lamar’s nickname ‘K.Dot’.

Reebok Club C ‘Voodoo’ (2017):


The Club C ‘Voodoo’ was a Halloween special inspired by, as the name suggests, Voodoo dolls. The upper of the shoe was a mix of both canvas and suede with a touch of unconventional stitch accents that mimic the hand stitched nature of the dolls.

Sneaker News

The inside of the tongue featured pins, like the ones that are poked into a doll, and the heels were given a Halloween makeover with the help of pony hair. The look is completed with the help of the skull beads on the laces and cryptic symbols on the midsole.

Reebok Club C ‘Vote’ (2020):


The ‘Vote’ colourway of the Club C was the second release of Reebok’s First Pitch platform. The colourway of the shoe gives importance to one of the biggest rights any citizen of a country has - the right to vote.

The shoe symbolizes an individual’s right to decide, along with concepts of humanity and equality. The interesting thing about the release of the shoe was that a total of 500 pairs of shoes had to be pre-booked and sold for them to go under production.


If 500 pairs were not sold the shoes would simply not have been produced! The design of the shoe was pretty simple; a light beige leather upper was paired with dark heel tabs featuring the word Vote written across each pair. It also featured a pop of colour with orange on the tongue and the traditional Reebok Classic branding was given an additional highlight of the American flag.

The Club C has seen countless iterations these past couple of decades, which one's are your favourite?

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