YSP & Friends Release Their Brand New Single 'Breathe'
Kashish Bhumbri

YSP & Friends Release Their Brand New Single 'Breathe'

The brainchild of musician and producer Yatin Srivastava, The Yatin Srivastava Project aka YSP is back with fellow artists Shagun Trisal and Aritra Basu to release their new single 'Breathe'.

Starting out in 2013 as what he terms a 'bedroom project', the Yatin Srivastava Project is the solo venture of New Delhi-based musician and producer Yatin Srivastava. An individual full of surprises and versatile interests, Srivastava in addition to being a music producer, is a lawyer, writer and artist relations manager at music collective Sofar.

Yatin Srivastava
Yatin Srivastavaby Jishnu Chakraborty

YSP in recent years has gained major momentum and recognition in the international independent music scene along with truly establishing itself as a Progressive Metal band. The project's latest single 'Breathe' releases on September 25th and features lead vocals by Shagun Trisal, Aritra Basu on the drums, and Yatin Srivastava on the guitars as well as backing vocals and post-production.

Shagun Trisal aka Trisalien
Shagun Trisal aka Trisalien

Shagun Trisal, aka 'Trisalien', is a singer, voiceover artiste and former lawyer, originally hailing from the capital city of New Delhi but now based out of Mumbai. He is the former frontman of Delhi-based metal/rock band Kraken, with whom he has won several competitions, including the Rolling Stone Metal Award in 2015 for 'Best Track Popular Choice' for their debut single 'Dance Jane Dance', and the prestigious 'Livewire' competition at IIT-Bombay's Mood Indigo festival.

Trisal's music influences range from 90s Pop to early 2000s rock along with heavy metal acts from the mid-2000s as well. Creating a unique melange of all these elements, the singer delivers one-of-a-kind vocal performances.

Aritra Basu
Aritra Basu by Arkaprovo Roy

Aritra Basu, on the other hand, is a sessions drummer and educator based out of Mumbai. The artist claims he loves experimenting with different sounds and genres, gravitating more towards progressive rock/metal aka prog and funk.

Additionally, the new single 'Breathe' - a title derived from the want and need of breaking free of the current constraints in the world due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic - has been written and composed by all three multifaceted and extraordinarily talented artists.

Described by Trisal as a representation of the built-up angst and tension arising from the political disdain currently pervading all parts of India, the instrumental build-up provides for a dreamy yet dystopian vibe to everything - aesthetics that resonate in the accompanying music video (releasing on October 2nd) as well.

Still from the upcoming music video
Still from the upcoming music video

The video features beautifully shot visuals of several individuals in different locations and settings, depicting various moods and aesthetics. Ranging from dreamy, peaceful shots of a duo in what looks like a lavender field, an individual wearing a gas mask in a post-apocalyptic looking, run-down building, to a man in a room with moods oscillating between a melancholic blue to raging red - the video encapsulates the intricacies of the track's sound and amplifies them with the surreal visuals.

'Breathe' Artwork
'Breathe' Artwork by Yatin Srivastava and Ridhii Paul

The single's interesting artwork has been conceptualised by Srivastava and realised by Ridhi Paul of Dame & Max. Representing aspects of Chrome Type, Modern Streetwear, and Cyberpunk, the artwork has been mindfully created to meet the style patterns but also resonate with the aesthetics and visual direction of what the band is known for.

Yatin Srivastava

Citing the classic sound of American alt-metal band, Deftones - particularly the song Diamond Eyes - as a major inspiration for 'Breathe', the single introduces newcomers to the wide variety of sounds and styles that 'rock' encompasses, and hardcore fans to the sheer talent and undiscovered gems that are prevalent in the country when it comes to genres such as prog. The explosive chorus jumps right into a relatively upbeat sound, complemented by expressive vocals, bold guitar riffs, and powerful, free-flowing drums.

The lyrics of the song, however, are a lot more open-ended and the meaning behind the words is open to interpretation based on the inclination of the listener, as is the case with most creative explorations.

Srivastava and Friends have created an anthem worthy track that is the perfect melange of prog inclined sensibilities and good old rock, that will see everyone vigorously nodding their heads if not full-on headbanging.

'Breathe' is now out on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn etc. and the official playthrough video goes live at 6pm IST on September 25th, go give it a listen!

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