YSP & Friends Release Final Track From 'Quarantine Vol. 1' EP  - "Disengage"

YSP & Friends Release Final Track From 'Quarantine Vol. 1' EP - "Disengage"

Having shaken the Internet with releases "Ikigai" and "Breathe" in the previous few months, YSP & Friends have a new rager in store for all the progressive metal fans out there.

When all plans and preparation to bring out YSP’s second album came to a halt with the Pandemic, Yatin Srivastava got together with several friends and decided to have some fun and make music bringing to life the YSP And Friends Project.

Initiating the project in 2020, the first track to come out under the YSP And Friends "Quarantine EP" was Ikigai, followed by Breathe in September 2020. Nailing the final installment of the series, YSP And Friends have released their much-awaited track Disengage with Yatin’s lyrical precision and mastery of the strings, Aradhya Khurana on Bass and Daud & Yusuf Ramay from the Pakistani Progressive Metal band Takatak on Drums. Attesting to the attempt of creating an absolute hit, the artists claim that this is their heaviest and "proggiest" release to come out yet.

Taking the listener through a range of emotions ranging from frustration, tension and finally leading to a release, the lyrical composition of the 5 and a half minute track takes one through Yatin’s state of mind during days of the intensive lockdown. Transcribing the discomfort and the myriad of various psyches that the pandemic brought with it, the artists have taken and translated it all through instrumental venting, with alternative time signatures and polyrhythm.

“Lyrically, I tried to pin down what I was going through locked inside my house, with nowhere to go, nobody to see. It was really something that took a considerable time to come to terms with and the anxiety that came along with everything for me at least, was the main driving force behind the song and it’s lyrics.”

Yatin Srivastava

Starting off with slow instrumental progressions, the video opens with Yatin on the strings and brief intercuts of him in a mask. The use of masks with holes in them makes the video a bit more contextual and relates it to the premise of the track rather symbolically.

Moving forward, the video sequence continues and introduces the audience to the lyrical portion of the track, starting with the title - Disengage, further leading us into the premise of the tense emotions and anxiety that came with being cooped up in confinement. Maintaining a raw yet bold look and feel, the music video visuals incorporate the use of neon lights along with textual graphics that make up for a wholesome experience enticing both auditory and visual sensibilities.

More than halfway down the track, the tempo changes and becomes a tad more instrumental, focusing on the stellar performances of the drummers and a vivid range of energy-transcending, growling vocals. Pacifying the tension and the energy that manifested throughout the track, the sequence ends on an instrumental note tying the visual experience together.

If you haven’t already, go check out Disengage and the entire project on all major streaming platforms!

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