The Voice Of Kashmiri Hip-Hop, Ahmer Drops 'ZOR'

The Voice Of Kashmiri Hip-Hop, Ahmer Drops 'ZOR'

Ahmer teams up with Delhi Sultanate on his single 'ZOR'

Javed Ahmer, a kid from a middle-class Kashmiri family, has come a long way from where he started. Conscious hip-hop has been a ray of hope for the people of the valley. Ahmer dreams to revive the artistic identities of the people of Kashmir in this time of unrest where the only thing that defines them is conflict.

Political Rap has been a part of Hip-Hop ever since the very beginning. In fact, music has been a powerful tool against oppression across the globe.

Ahmer's verses in Zor are laced with hard-hitting lines talking about life in Kashmir and the clampdown on freedom of speech in the valley.

Zindah roz na ba, zindah rozan yim baath
(Even if I die, my ideas will live on forever) - Ahmer

Delhi Sultanate's verse in Zor is straightforward and outlines everything Kashmiris face on the daily

Everything from scarce opportunities, police brutality, stone pelting, tapped phones and the fear for one's life.

Kashmir has been under a military-enforced lockdown way before the onslaught of Covid-19 forced a shut down in most parts of the world.

Zor is yet another incredible attempt by Ahmer to draw India's and the World's attention to what's happening in Kashmir and we're here for it.

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