The Myth That Is Mizuchi

The Myth That Is Mizuchi

Meet Varun Kapadia aka Mizuchi, a Mumbai/Boston based rapper and producer who is making waves in the Indian hip-hop scene and music industry.

“I’m just a one-man army here. I’m writing, rapping, singing, mixing, and producing. I’m the first of my kind, call that a dynasty.” - Mizuchi

Varun Kapadia, better known by his stage-name Mizuchi, is a 20 year old Mumbai/Boston based rapper-producer who takes his pseudonym from a legendary Japanese water dragon. Alongside being a full-time psychology student at Tufts University in Boston, Mizuchi is also a recording artist, Hip-Hop producer, and songwriter.

A jack of all trades, he is also an entrepreneur, designer, and content creator. Currently juggling the roles of being a student and a self-made musician, Mizuchi is also the co-founder and creative director of YV Streetwear (pronounced 'Yeev'), a sustainable clothing venture started by the artist and his best friend that is aimed to release this winter.

Citing a major evolution in his style over the years, the entrepreneur reveals he feels most comfort in weighted, droopy, over-sized silhouettes in minimalistic designs and mostly gravitates towards the classic black and white or muted, dark tones. On the journey to discovering a personal aesthetic, he names heavyweights like Jerry Lorenzo, Kanye West, Lucien Clarke, Palace, and Born Raised as his style influences.

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Starting his music journey from an early age, Mizuchi began writing his own songs at the age of 14, constantly setting high standards for himself in an effort to keep getting better at his craft. The artist discloses that growing up he didn't envision himself taking up music as a professional career, but with release of his first single back in 2017, truly started believing in the idea of his music and its outreach and decided to delve into the hip-hop movement in India.

Evolving from the conscious hip-hop style of rapping, Mizuchi began exploring and building momentum by tapping into vocal synthesisers, vocoders, auto-tune, plug-ins etc. which further opened the artist's eyes to the creative freedom and control he held with his music. Drawing inspiration from various genres, the rapper/producer describes his music as hip-hop with a fusion of distinct styles combined with ethnic elements, staying true to his roots.

"It's kind of hard to explain my music, it’s more for the listener to decide. I think its safe to say my music is purely hip-hop. But, what I would want my music to represent in the next 2-3 years would be a hybrid form of hip-hop between pop, techno, deep house, conscious hip-hop, and ethnicity."


This hybrid genre of hip-hop is exactly what Mizuchi has delivered to his audience via his latest EP ‘Myth' which hit the Apple Music Top 40 charts alongside artists like Travis Scott and Juice WRLD within just few weeks of its release.

The rapper discloses that he titled the EP 'Myth' because it tells the story of the myth about being an artist in India, and the engagement associated with being an Indian rapper. It is the outcome of a quarantine epiphany and follows up the artist's previous albums, ‘The Kid In The House’ (2019) and ‘All My Spirits’ (2018).

Released on August 4th of this year, the album is a 4-track EP that taps both Trap and R&B genres and includes what Mizuchi describes as “Indian Ethnic Elements" that can be Identified in tracks like ‘Bombay,’ where the producer marries tunes of the Sitar and Tabla, and in ‘Sunroof', where he incorporates some Bansuri tunes.

Talking about his creative process, Mizuchi reveals that he does not follow a routine of any kind and prefers to remain spontaneous. For the track 'Phantom', for instance, although not concrete, the process began with initial beat making, then finding a sample, adding some percussion, writing an occasional word, and letting creativity flow and take over from there.

"Honestly, my creative process is the most random process ever, its so random that I can't even paint a picture to give you some sort of systematic idea. For this EP, I was following a set of goals I set for myself. I kinda made the track 'Bombay' in March and then I sat on it for a while, I didn't know what to do with it or how to make it better."


Having worked with different producers in the past, the artists reveals that he realised that for his vision and ideas to be executed the way he wanted, he would have to resort to producing them personally, which lead him to becoming the one man army behind making his music projects a cohesive reality.

"Often, I would listen to my older music and it would sound and feel so inauthentic like a poser, an imitator, which I'm not trying to do. I'm just trying to be as real and true to myself as I can be with my music. And I feel like with this EP, I finally feel snug in my own skin."


When it comes to creative inspiration, Mizuchi is a massive Kanye West fan and states that a large source of his inspiration for this EP as well as principally, comes from Kanye and J. Cole. He is also a fan of artists such as Aminé and Eminem, and cites his top creative influence musically of all time as Jon Bellion.

"Check out Jon Bellion, his music is just too good. He has these videos on YouTube called 'The Making Of' which is basically a behind the scenes of how his songs are made in the studio. It is so inspiring to watch and I just have to go in to the studio and make something myself. If I had the chance to collaborate and work with any artist in the world, it would without a doubt have to be with Jon Bellion. If I ever saw him, I would straight up pass out!"


To be regarded as a part of the rapidly growing hip-hop movement in India is an honour, the artist acknowledges. Being one of the youngest players in the game, he strongly believes in pioneering an artist-producer movement in India that although might have certain western-influences, is still ethnically rooted as well.

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"Instead of trying to make Indian culture more western, we should make it more distinct in itself. I want people to feel more pride in their culture, talk about it more, express their roots more, and essentially be more outspoken about their culture."


India is a fiercely diverse country encompassing people with varying musical inclinations and a need for these music tastes to be met and fulfilled by different creators and artists in the current space. Mizuchi aims to do exactly that by giving the listeners more variety and something “cool, fresh, and young” to choose from.


The multifaceted artist is working on his next big music project - a full-length album and has multiple other ventures in the spheres of fashion and art to look forward to as well.

The young musician is currently making waves with his new single "Rogue Planet" that seems to dabble in moody undertones along with a dash of reckless abandon in terms of love and the loss of it. With a dreamy video that follows Mizuchi running around town, the track seems to carry a roving sound that barely settles down.

Relentlessly switching up sounds and expanding his niche gigantically, the music maestro's viral dance video for his track 'Good For Me' is currently making rounds on the internet as it poses to be the ultimate bop of the season!

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