Sez Launches The ‘New Kids On The Block’

Sez Launches The ‘New Kids On The Block’

SEZ On The Beat's dream of giving a platform to unheard voices is now a step closer to reality owing to the release of the New Kids On The Block EP. Read on to get the full breakdown.

Labelling Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez On The Beat as the backbone of Indian hip-hop would be an understatement. The Indian hip-hop scene has picked up pace in the last couple of years and Sez has been one of the biggest contributors to this growth.

Sajeel Kapoor aka SEZ On The Beat
Sajeel Kapoor aka SEZ On The Beat

The Delhi based producer and entrepreneur has worked with everyone from Divine to Chance the Rapper and has played a huge role in bringing fresh talent to the current Indian hip-hop scene.

The politically charged music that Sez has produced over the years has had a great impact on the community and the culture as a whole. The multitalented producer recently parted ways with Azadi Records, one of the fastest-growing independent record labels of the country, and partnered up with music executive Faizan Khan to start his own record label “The MVMNT”.

Faizan and Sez
Faizan and Sez

The label’s most recent release is an EP titled “New Kids On The Block”. Announced via Instagram by Sez and Faizan, the label's first EP titled "New Kids On The Block" is a monumental release for the founders and features an array of new, talented artists giving them a platform to promote their work.

In India’s fast growing hip-hop industry an artist’s talent has to be backed with an adequate platform and support structure. It is this very cause that Sez has pioneered through the release of the new album to make sure talented artists with potential get the right platform to actually make it big.

"The MVMNT was started with the vision of promoting culture, new talent, bringing a fresh sound in the scene, & to do all of this while keeping our community first mission intact - NKOTB is a result of that passion & purpose."

Sez On The Beat

Volume 1 features 5 songs from 5 artists from all over the country with distinct and unique styles, adding to the diversity of the albums sound. Everything about the EP form the music, the lyrics, the cover art and visual language speak volumes and are an unparalleled example of creating something exceptional.

The attention to detail on the cover art of the EP stands out in the form of a silver chain with the logo of the MVMNT as the pendant. The chain is meant to represent the bond that Sez wants to achieve with new artists and fans through the MVMNT and a certain bling factor that proclaims the arrival of "the new kids on the block" who are ready to take over the game.

The first song to be released as a part of the EP was Lit Happu’s “Ki Honda”. Lit Happu has had a few releases with Sez in the past and songs like Sauce featuring Prabhdeep and Issa Vibe EP have been huge hits owing to Happu’s quirky lyrics and effort-less flow.

However, in this particular song, the Punjabi rapper pours his heart out, talking about how coming from limited means shaped his life growing up. The song follows a very different tone compared to the artist's previous releases and the thought provoking verses paired with Sez’s mellow beats make this a phenomenal song.

Ki honda je hondi thori jurhi dhaulata

(What if , that we would’ve saved some money)

Te fir loga dia nokria naio karde

(Then would not be doing work for others)

Ki honda je hondi thori jurhi shawrata

(What if , that We would have gained some fame)

Te phir 200-300 piche roz naio marde

(Then wouldn’t be dying for 200-300 bucks everyday)"

- Lit Happu, Ki honda

Apna riyaaz jaise Lata Mangeshkar, Sur ho ya taal launde dete yha pel kar

(I train like Lata Mangeshkar, I always beat others in terms of music )

Karta bakchodi par kabi nai face par

(Never mess around with anyone in front of them)

Padega tujhe phir sek kar, Circle hai tight aur launde hai asal

(Gonna slap yo)u real hard, my circle is tight and all my friends are real)

MTV nai naap sakta apna Hustle

(MTV can't judge my hustle!)

-Rawal, 619

Dhruv Rajpal aka D₹V released his debut, self-titled album in April this year. The album featured a few songs that were also produced by Sez and the tacks received a positive response from fans.

Dhruv’s track on the NKOTB EP, “Cheesecake”, talks about two faced people who didn't believe in him or his artistry when he first started, but were quick to change their views once they saw the appreciation his first album garnered.

Delhi based bilingual rapper Rawal’s track “619” is a paragon in terms of lyrics and flow. Rawal was introduced to hip-hop at a very young age and was cites the story telling skills of artists such as J Cole and Mac Miller as his creative inspirations. The Rapper has a phenomenal command over both Hindi and English languages and in his track 619, talks about his flow and advices other rappers to beware.

The lyrics are supplemented by beats that will make you nod your head and groove. The track also features special sound effects like “Booyaka” by Rey Mysterio and samples Lata Mangeshkar’s voice, truly making the song one of a kind

Karte baatein meethi launde cheesecake

(These guys talk sweet on the face)

Jalte vohi launde peeth ke peeche

(But are jealous behind my back)

Ye online kare backbite

(They bitch about me online)

Hara maal kheechu veere pees ke

(I smoke crushed green weed)

- D₹V, Cheesecake

The fourth track and a personal favourite from the album is “Gas Pe” by NoNation. NoNation came under the spotlight after participating in a competition that was arranged by Rebelution in 2019. NoNation had been steadily releasing remixes of various different tracks by other artists and his work on the infamous “Homicide” by Logic caught the eyes (and ears!) of several fans.

With his track “Gas Pe”, the artist talks about how he is always hustling and working hard towards achieving his goals irrespective of the challenges that lie ahead.

Mere jaise milenge nai tujhe sao me do, Gira competition pura jaise dominoes

(You wont find someone like me even in hundreds, when i step up all the competition falls like dominoes )

Dekhe kaafi sare wack se, Inko marke pheko

(Ive seen a lot of whack people, will kill all of them)

Phir mai karta ye show Hasmukh sa, Chada mai aish me

(Then i perform like Hasmukh)

Ek se gaane feko daily jaise ye soap, chup warna padenge raapte

(I keep dropping new song like daily soaps drop episodes, shut up or you'll get whacked)

Kyu tu noche game ko jaise noche modi desh ko bola ye fact hai

(Why are you messing up the rap game just like Modi is messing with the country)

-NoNation, Gas pe

The Rajasthani fusion trap "Thara Moves" by Luck is exactly why we need to encourage more multilingual artists to enter the scene. A young artist, based in Rajasthan, Luck is set on redefining the genre of fusion rap with this one song. With cheeky lyrics and a catchy beat the song has everything it takes to be a banger.

Thaare liye aagayo mai

(I've come here for you)

Thara moves mahne laage ok

(I love the way you move)

Yea she's my bae, oh yea, kaa tu sharmaave, oh yea

(Yeah she is my bae, why are you feeling shy)

- Luck, Thara moves

With an assortment of different rap styles and sounds the New Kids On The Block EP caters to a variety of musical tastes, all the while vocalising the talent of new, emerging artists by giving them a chance to step into the spotlight. With this album, Sez has once again proved the expanse of his creative vision and that he is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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