Roy’s Newest Gem – Paisa Fake

Roy’s Newest Gem – Paisa Fake

Adding another instalment to the Herock Project, Sumit Roy has brought forth the much-awaited track called Paisa Fake. Read on to know more about the track and it’s multidisciplinary facets.

Keeping the spirit of Free Speech alive with another banger, Sumit Roy has added another track, Paisa Fake to the Herock Project, produced by the illustrious sound artist and record producer, Dub Sharma. Mainlining as an independent drop project, Baari Hamaari marked the launch of Herock, followed by Chowkidaar.

Bringing forth a rather stark reality check comprising of a whimsical visual treatment accompanied by an action packed narrative and hard hitting yet truth spitting lyrical composition, the track highlights the consequences that come with money, power and the deadly combination that the two form.

"Paisa Fake is a realisation to be able to see through the dust. Our governments, banks and corporations are always on a flight to development, but they never land. It is all but an illusion.”

Sumit Roy

While Roy’s words bring one to relive the debacles that Indians have seen and faced in the past couple of years, the track is accompanied by a music video, aced through the directional mastery of Nitish Kanjilal and cinematographer Anubhav Verma. In Sumit roy's typical multidisciplinary fashion, he has assembled a team of artists to bring this vision to life. More than 10 artists have collaborated on this track and video.

The 4-minute music video is a visual treat with it's contemporary and sometimes off-beat typography led visuals. It has a balance of fast-paced visuals and slightly slower ones to create that sense of bleakness, especially when dealing with a topic as complex as the nature of money.
Like any good play, this video has several acts. The first one is set in a fake currency minting factory where Roy breaks out in his first verse. The whole track is filled with nostalgic references like "in pin safety pin" and Sanju's magical pencil - in our opinion, the star of the video.

The video then transitions into the second act cinematically, with the music giving way to atmospheric textures and the video switching to a wide frame. There are several cameo performances as well with some of the notable ones amongst them being Archisman Misra aka Poetoftheblack and Sujat Roy.
The third act starts with a scene that instantly puts a smile on your face and gives you a sense of satisfaction when you understand the satire using Sanju's magical pencil as the symbol.

Further transitioning into a bonus act for about 18 seconds with a purple hue and lower thirds imagine a meta-modern version of news channel graphics with the video finally ending with the credits giving a nod to all the creatives involved.

The Herock Project aims at bringing the values of self worth and social justice through a community oriented approach that has also opened up a platform for various artists to transcribe their visions into reality. The track also comes with stellar album art, created by the multi-disciplinary visual artist Dhruv Mehta along with the identity being designed by artist Sanchit Sawaria.

"The idea for the album art came from the title itself “Paisa Fake”. It's based on how money has a life of its own and how it completely takes over one's life if you let it. I’ve imagined a character that represents some of the deepest thoughts about money and power and how the facade and bling is just the surface and deep down is chaos which is shown in the contemporary media culture and I’ve tried to represent it in typography and the colours. Some parts of the artwork are hyper-realistic like the character and the lighting and some part seem fake like the eyes and the eyelashes as a reference to the dual nature of money."

Dhruv Mehta

Having been launched on January 13th, Paisa Fake is now live on all major platforms, right from YouTube to Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn and SoundCloud!

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