Ritviz, Anish Sood and Nucleya Invite You To a Concert In Your Bedroom

Ritviz, Anish Sood and Nucleya Invite You To a Concert In Your Bedroom

The artists come together to provide a virtual musical experience unlike any other.

Earlier this year the Covid-19 Pandemic forced us all in to social distancing and self quarantining in our respective homes. During this time, there has been a strong spike in the subscription and overall viewership of various streaming platforms. Live concerts have taken a new digital route with companies and brands such as Fortnite hosting a Travis Scott show and Minecraft organising an upcoming 3-day online music festival later this month. Closer to home however, we have three artists who have been working on something special since the lockdown began!


Nucleya:- Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya is one of the most experienced DJ’s in the current circuit. Having been on the scene since 2007, he is also one of the pioneers in introducing the Dubstep sound to India. He co-formed Bandish Project in 1998, and following his departure from the collective, settled on the moniker Nucleya - who rose to prominence in 2013 following the release of his album “Koocha Monster”.

Ritviz:- Ritviz Srivastava, better known by his mononymous stage name, Ritviz is one of the most popular DJ's in the current Indian electronic music scene. The Pune native has been inclined towards music from an early age and signed onto OML, a talent management agency at the age of 19. His first single” Udd Gaye” was a huge hit, followed by “Liggi” and the most recent “Thandi Hawa”. His unique sound focused on fusing Hindi lyrics with electronic beats.

Anish Sood:- Goa-based DJ/Producer Anish Sood fell in love with dance music when he first heard Armin Van Buuren’s ASOT radio show. Sood, who travels across the country to spin his music, is a crowd favourite and a regular on major festival line-ups in the country. He has produced successful tracks such as “Castles” and “Starry Nights” is also the creator of “Once Upon A Time” a secret, invite-only party.

The three artists have come together to create retroFuture - a 360-degree virtual reality live stream which claims to be the next step in the digitalisation of music experiences in India.

"We knew right in the beginning, that while the obvious response to social-distancing was going to be a flood of bedroom/living room performances, it was not a solution to the problem, and that we had to work on something way bigger and create a show that our fans would pay a ticket to watch”

Anish Sood

The collaboration between the artists and ticketing platform Paytm Insider, is the first of its kind. While a VR headset would enhance the viewing experience, the concert can also be viewed through a web or mobile browser.

“In the 20 years of my career, I never imagined that a time would come where I would get a chance to create something so epic. I’ve played at some really big stages but given how big this could potentially become because it’s digital, I feel this is going to be one of the biggest shows that each of us are going to play ever.”


retroFuture is scheduled to stream worldwide on July 18th at 9 pm IST online. The early bird tickets are now live on the Insider website and start with very affordable prices of just Rs. 99.

"With retroFUTURE, we're essentially trying to create a highly immersive, visual, and emotional experience. The idea is to engage the same sensory reactions of the human mind which have remained dormant throughout the global lockdown. Our focus is not only to entertain but to create an avenue for release, playing upon some primal human needs - the need for gathering and frolic through dance.”

Dheer, Co-Founder at Jugaad Motion Pictures

With the help of their friends over at Jugaad Motion Pictures, the 90-minute show promises to be an immersive experience.

“We are people that play 100s of shows in a year, but this is the first time that we’ve put 3 months behind planning a 30-minute performance! It doesn’t matter if we sell tickets or not, we would have done something that could potentially define a whole new generation of music experiences, and that is a story worth telling.”


So get ready to party like the old days and head on over to Insider to buy your tickets now!

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