Revel In Indie Voices with Swara’s Fundraising Event 'Sundown Sunday'

Revel In Indie Voices with Swara’s Fundraising Event 'Sundown Sunday'

In an attempt to support northeastern indie artists and bands, Swara has organized 'Sundown Sunday' to reminisce about the good ol’ pre-covid days.

The world has been floating in uncharted territory ever since the pandemic started two years ago that caught the world’s working population off-guard. While all industries have taken a shot in the back, pullulating indie artists who barely possess a safety net have borne the brunt of the economical slowdown. And it is especially in harrowing times like these that people resort to art to find comfort in as it allows them to process their experience in a symbiotic way.

In that spirit, SWARA, a community of independent musicians has organized an online fundraising event, Sundown Sunday in association with Lemonade Social, a similar community featuring culture disruptors. Swara’s emphasis has been specifically on bringing northeastern voices to the forefront of the Indian music landscape so the lineup has artists hailing from a similar background. The event curated to raise funds for the music community will be a melodious 10-week long saga that will include 10 artists with each of them holding the mic every Sunday from 6 pm (IST), starting 13th June.

The essence of Sundown Sunday is not just rooted in amplifying saccharine indie voices who the pandemic has left in shambles but also, to invoke nostalgia and reminisce about the days of the Great Before. Using a musical portal, it attempts to transport you into the times where everyone could space out, sit back and revel in the nothingness that Sundays are usually infamous for. What more does it offer? A lineup of young-blooded, venerable artists who have a pocketful of genres to offer who you can read more about below.

1. PMR

PMR, short for Paigambar Mohan Raj is a coming-of-age rapper and songwriter with roots in Assam but feet in Delhi. He caters to a trilingual audience by seldom including Hindi, English, and Assamese lyrics in his tracks. His music ranges from pop tunes that can be your everyday essentials to hard flow raps with politically charged lyrics.

2. DJ Ron

Ranaramit Sarma is a 25-year-old DJ who’s an upcoming name in the landscape, currently working at WildWood Records. With a penchant for pop and EDM, he has collaborated with revered record labels in the past. The lo-fi remixes that reign on his Instagram feed are definitely hard to miss.

3. Sumangal Baruah

Sumangal Baruah is an Assam-based 21-year-old singer, producer, and drummer who has 4 singles in his bag that gained him some pats on the back. Borrowing the musical oeuvre of John Mayer, Sumangal imbibes similar sensibilities in his tracks that run smooth and are sure to tug on your heartstrings. If you’re having a dull day, a quick stroll through his soothing covers might just be the tonic.

4. InJoy

InJoy is a rocking (pun intended) wife-and-husband duo who are fellow 80s-90s rock and pop music aficionados. The idea of InJoy was birthed in 1999 and has been going solid to date, doing acoustic covers and performing outdoors. Their musical voyage also paved the path for various original compositions that replicate the magic of the vivacious 80s and 90s.

5. Raina Roy

Raina Roy is a 23-year-old singer whose voice is guaranteed to slow down time for you on a hectic workday. From Jazz blues to pop beats, Raina is drawn towards all genres of music. Her Instagram feed is an avalanche of covers from artists like Arijit Singh to Hozier to Daniel Caesar to Harry Styles, sprinkled with a harmonious touch of her own.

6. Aakshit Marwaha

Aakshit Marwaha is a photographer and singer/songwriter who uses both his camera and guitar as mediums to narrate tales of his own. Having an appetite for modern folk tunes, he looks up to the lines of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and John Mayer. His past three tracks have been an amalgamation of transcendental music and subtle storytelling.

7. Hirak Dutta

The 28-year-old musician tutored in classical Indian music quickly fell for the charm of western rock music. He now works as a vocalist at the Experimental/Post/Progressive rock band, ‘Odyssey of Psyche’, which will undertake you on an ‘odyssey’ of emotions. The Guwahati-based band has successfully released three singles and has a debut album in the cards for the year.

8. Squarez Attached

Squarez Attached is a Delhi-based experimental rock band that tapped into the potential of live music back in 2012. With nine years of experience under their belt, their technical know-how and high vocals are unmatchable. Courtesy of this, they have performed at notable live events including multiple city tours as well.

9. Elza Catherine Rymbai

The 17-year-old Elza got roped into the tunes of Aretha Franklin, Tori Kelly, and Lawrence quite early and found herself lured to the world of music. Soon after the singer/musician from Shillong became the lead vocalist of a Soul/Reggae/Blues band, SoulGroove that performs at varied events.

10. Diptanil Barua

Pioneering the Assamese electronic music landscape is the independent singer/songwriter Diptanil Barua. He found himself inclined towards music ever since he was 14 and his drive hasn’t dimmed one bit ever since. Lately, he is also a vocalist for an electronic trio-Xobdo whose remixes have made quite the noise.

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