Rawal and Bharg Release New Collaborative Gem 'Sab Chahiye'

Rawal and Bharg Release New Collaborative Gem 'Sab Chahiye'

Featuring multiple accoladed artists on the 18-track album 'Sab Chahiye' Rawal and Bharg have been making waves in the industry. Read on to get the FTC breakdown of the album.

While the term "collaboration" is usually thrown around in today's musical sphere quite casually, Rawal and Bharg's latest album 'Sab Chahiye' is a true testament to what a collaboration really sounds, and feels like.

On listening to the dynamic and multi-layered album, one can understand why the artists came together to create this piece of art and just how effortlessly their energies synchronize to create something unique that makes their individual personas shine through during the entire project.

While we have seen a lot of EP's with single-digit tracks lately, it is refreshing and only right that this album boasts 18 tracks of genreless and intimate tracks that are in a nutshell, a raw account of the artists' stories.

Dealing with relatable subjects such as love, dreams, the hustle and creativity is what makes this project's musicality and diversity really stand out. The album boasts several collaborations and every single one feels different. The track 'Magan' for example, gives us a glimpse of a softer delivery by Enkore, an unexpected turn further proving how the entire album keeps you on your toes.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 'Jungli Kutta' is the highlight of the album. With a backbone of a heavy sliding bassline, sirens, hats and ad-libs, Rawal and Calm deliver a strong verse with that ever-present Delhi energy. This is a track that makes you want to be a part of a mosh-pit - a total rager that Raga brings another dimension to with that classic jamnapar energy.

Sez On The Beat shines like a king on 'Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo'. Rawal sets up the track while Ikka with his supreme confidence and unique bounce takes it to the next level - another master composition in Sez's immaculate portfolio.

If the album is a canvas, then Bharg paints a masterpiece with his diverse production skills. 'Bombay Sapphire' is truly a great listen that makes you appreciate the musicality ten-fold - The R&B-trap music and lyricism make this an instant hit for chilled out evenings. While Bharg shines with his singing and production skills, Rawal is honest and raw as can be seen in 'Aagey Aur Upar'.

The track 'Maut' deals with the issue of death, trauma and life lessons enhanced by the hard hitting lyrics and flow of the artists baring realities of the world.

Anytime MC Kode spits, he brings something unique to the table and 'Dikkatein' is yet another track you don't want to miss. His ability to rap on a beat using different pockets of music is a rare skill.

Darcy in the track 'Naseeb', delivers a lush hook which lays the ground for Rawal and Calm's catchy verses that in turn put out a unique flow making the track stand out in its own intrinsic way, just like the ones before.

This project is unique in a way that it makes sure every track and feature brings something new to the entire listening experience while seamlessly blending into a harmonious listening experience.
To define this project strictly in a sonic realm would be an unfair comparison, that would fundamentally undermine the wide spectrum of music and themes it has to offer.

Showcasing such a large scale collaborative project in the realm of Indian Hip-Hop is just another step taken towards inclusivity in the sense that there is something for everyone. Rawal and Bharg have created an experience that not only a hip-hop fanatic can bump to, but something that can also be appreciated and enjoyed by the casual listener. Check out the album on leading streaming platforms now.

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