Rakaflacka and Malfnktion Drop New Album “Raaja Beats”

Rakaflacka and Malfnktion Drop New Album “Raaja Beats”

The Bangalore boys pay tribute to legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja in their own unique style.

Bangalore based Raka Ashok aka Rakaflacka and Adi Alamuru aka Malfnktion joined hands to create a brand new EP called “Raaja Beats”. The EP consists of 9 tracks, reimagining hits by legendary South Indian composer Ilaiyaraaja with a Rakaflacka x Malfnktion twist.


Inspired by the legend, the album has a distinct South Indian sound which any listener can instantly connect with. Originally conceptualised in 2018, Raka and Adi officially began working on the project in April 2019 bonding over their deep-rooted love for Indian classical music and in turn making an EP that definitely stands out.

“No matter how exposed we are to music from the West, as Indians we have an inherent sense of rhythm,” Raka explains.

Aditya adds, "I'm more melody-driven and I think that's why Raaja Beats is dope, 'cause Raka kills it with the percussions."


Both artists have managed to seamlessly blend the maestro’s classic songs with their bass-heavy brand of electronica. Malfnktion’s USP of sampling Indian sounds with beats inspired from 90s Hip-Hop with additional sounds of Trip-Hop producers from the UK and France definitely adds the x-factor to the album.

They have managed to create a final product that will take you back in time while having you groove and bop your head to the beats of today.

The vocal samples used on the EP are in Kannada and Tamil and two tracks that really stood out to us were Azhagiya and Poongatru.


The short track gets you going right from the beginning with its D&B vibe and the introduction of a trumpet sound and old movie vocals add another layer altogether. It holds the potential to certainly get a crowd moving. An unofficial video for the song featuring the artists' friends can be found on Instagram and has a fan base of its own. Watch it here.


The bass-heavy track has more depth to it compared to Azhagiya. The use of a classical sound has been fused seamlessly with vocals that elevate the entire rhythm.

The Raaja Beats EP is now out on Youtube and Soundcloud to stream and available to download on Bandcamp

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