Raja Kumari Is Back With Her New Single "Peace"

Raja Kumari Is Back With Her New Single "Peace"

This mellow quaran-tune by the rapper-songstress will have you feeling some kind of way!

The Grammy nominated singer takes you on a journey to find your true self amidst the chaoes

The music video for this already hit single begins with glancing tulips amidst the scenic Antelope Valley and Mt. Baldy right behind the artists parental home. The charming landscape perfectly syncs in with the track to make for a “Peace”ful music video that’s easy on the eyes.

The track perfectly juxtaposes Raja Kumari’s artful lyricism and calming inflections with Khari Brown’s music production.

"Solitude had been a huge theme in the beginning of quarantine and as the world opens up, I wanted to encourage people to look within themselves to find true inner peace.”
Raja Kumari

This song centrally revolves around the mantra of positive affirmations for peace in her life. With an infectious hook that makes you want to play it on loop, the powerful mantra states:

“I got peace all around me

Ain't no drama these days

You won't see me when I'm coming

Cause I'm changing my ways"

This track emanates all round positivity and good energy. is just the breezy vibe you need on a quarantined weekend!

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