Prabhdeep Drops 'Chitta' And We're Here For It

Prabhdeep Drops 'Chitta' And We're Here For It

Prabhdeep, in his new single, 'Chitta', talks about drugs and his own struggle growing up in an area which is notorious for drug usage and peddling.

Delhi born rapper, Prabhdeep, was born to a family that lost everything during the 1984 communal riots. Growing up he was often pulled out of his classroom for not having paid the monthly fees and bullied by his classmates. It wasn’t long before he formed his own gang; bullies were not a problem anymore.

He even started hustling for money, flipping second-hand phones and acting as a middleman for money lenders. It was about this time when he came across the drug culture that shadowed over the locality where he lived.

Tilak Nagar, a suburban area in North Delhi is where Prabh grew up. It is also one of the hubs of a major drug trafficking route that connects the poppy fields in Myanmar and Afghanistan to the drug markets in Sri Lanka. The streets of Tilak Nagar are filled with teenagers that are addicted to heroine, cocaine, and MDMA.

In his new single, "Chitta", Prabhdeep addresses his struggle growing up and how he dealt with the opioid crisis in his area.

Mai Kite Ni Nashe par veche ne boht, Haraam de paise haraam ch jaane

(I haven’t done drugs but sold a lot, this dirty business will never leave you alone)

The single has been written and produced by Prabhdeep himself.

'Chitta', literally translates to 'white' and is a well known slang for cocaine. In the track, Prabhdeep talks about how a lot of people he knew, lost everything they had to drugs. He also talks about how he went from being a teenager who was selling drugs, to one of the biggest names in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Prabdeep's verses are honest and hard-hitting. The tune is an absolute banger and is another example of Prabh's versatility as a musician. After going for a more mellow vibe in his previous album, K.I. N.G, Prabh is back with a more energetic style of music.

His previous release, 'Pandemic', was a lyrical masterpiece and 'Chitta' is another one right there at the top.

The video for Chitta drops next month, but until then, you can catch it on your favorite streaming platforms.

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