Minecraft Is Hosting The World's Biggest E-Festival and India's Invited

Minecraft Is Hosting The World's Biggest E-Festival and India's Invited

3 Indian Artists, namely Su-Real, DJ SA, and Sickflip are on the lineup.

Live music lovers, haven’t had much to rejoice about in recent times. Most music festivals and live concerts have been brought to a standstill given the current state of affairs.However, E-Festivals on huge multiplayer platforms have come in to provide some much needed respite for the community. After the super successful Travis Scott ASTRONOMICAL concert on Fortnite, another gaming giant, Minecraft is hosting a 3-day festival with a little help from their friends over at Rave Family.

Electric Blockaloo is a virtual music festival taking place from June 25th-28th. The festival will feature a whopping 850 artists on 65 stages. The gaming giant is making sure that the fans get a one of a kind experience where just like a real festival; the fans can design their own campsite and on the flipside enjoy the crazy virtual world of Minecraft. The festival line up features the likes of Lane 8 , Deadmau5, Felix Da Housecat, Detroit legend Seth Troxler, Diplo, and more (Paris Hilton is on there too for some reason). But, three names that stood out were Su-Real, DJ SA, and Sickflip (Sarvesh Shrivastava). The three Unmute artists will rep India at the festival and will play the Snakes x Ladders stage. Unmute, helmed by Dev Bhatia is a talent management agency based in Delhi has been instrumental in promoting Indian talent on the global level.

Su Real: A Delhi based DJ/Producer is at the forefront of the popular culture movement that is rapidly evolving in India. He represents the new breed of DJ’s and producers who create for the modern Indian dance-floor, spinning genres like Trap, Hip-Hop and Urban dance music.

DJ SA: There’s no way you haven’t heard of DJ SA if you’re into Hip-Hop. This man is one hell of a DJ and an absolute party starter who can get the crowd moving in no time. Sweaty people, smiling faces, and shoes worn out by the end of the gig are just something's SA manages to do every time he spins at a venue. He’s a regular on the line-up of some of the most popular music festivals in the country. Having been to many of his gigs, he’s one DJ I can vouch for.

Sickflip: Sarvesh Shrivastava aka Sickflip is a Bombay based solo electronica project. His ability to switch from groovy melodic tunes to hard-hitting festival bangers is what sets him apart. He’s curated a property called “Pineapples” a sundowner party giving that carnival vibe with tech-house and house being played on the Raasta rooftop ( Bombay) has been the talk of the town.

Indian artists playing an international festival is not a new thing, but to have artists playing a virtual festival with some of the biggest names on the planet is a great thing and will only do good for the music community at large in India. With the way things are going, it’s going to be a while before we see people coming together for a festival in real. With games like Minecraft and Fortnite hosting concerts and festivals, we’re hoping to see more Indian artists on the global virtual stage.

E-Raves, who would've thunk it.

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