Karun's EP "Haalaat": Musings On Longing and Life

Karun's EP "Haalaat": Musings On Longing and Life

Karun's EP, "Haalaat" is a rollercoaster of hard-hitting, introspective emotions, accompanied by poetic lyrics, even free-flowing shayari dispersed in a therapeutically mellow and somber soundscape.

Piecing together poetic verses since the age of 11 quickly transcended into an appetite for songwriting for Karun. It’s only been an uphill journey ever since with him making reverbations in the pop genre with three EPs “Lekh”, “Khayaal”, “Sawalaat”, an album “Granth” and an increasing tracklist with his latest offering, “Haalaat.”

While the Indian pop scene is swimming in an overcrowded pool of commercial lyrics and ear-grabbing choruses, the pop EP “Haalaat” sets itself apart faultlessly. “⅓ of Teesri Duniya”, the Delhi-based musician successfully divorces from the mainstream with a poetic oeuvre that encapsulates him looking back at the high and low points of his life. His penchant for poetry reigns supreme in “Haalaat” with flowy lyrics that are intense and introspective in equal measure.

"Haalaat" Album Art
"Haalaat" Album Art

The EP as Karun puts is “Ye mere haalaat hain, meri zubani,” that bears an introspective tone, looking back at the lived experiences that shaped him into who he is today. Curated to evoke a bucket of emotions, “Haalaat” hits you differently with all its tracks.

While “Nazaaran” paints a saccharine picture of dissolving in the lap of a lover, “Jaan Lo” explores the intricacies of acquainting oneself with a lover and how one evolves in relationships. With these two tracks covering you with a warm blanket, things take a different route with the EP’s Interlude. The free verses of shayari entwined with a soft background score are an exploration of the feeling of incompleteness that lingers.

Photographed by Shivangi and Vaibhav

Further, “Majboor” explores heartbreak along with Karun’s convoluted need to be with his beloved knowing that they aren’t the right fit. The last track of the EP, “Saphira” bursts into a melancholic symphony where Karun and Udhbav take a plunge into a story of their friend, gone too soon.

As per the established trademark of Teesri Duniya, Karun does not cling to a particular sound in his EP. Contradictory emotions are explored with a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, being an amalgamation of the sensibilities of different artists including Udhbav, Toorjo, Vedang, Yashraj and OM.

In terms of production, the sound is borderline hypnotic with slow guitaring and subtle drops in tracks like “Jaan Lo” while “Sarphira” takes you on an altogether different journey with head-bopping beats and a psychedelic tone. Karun introduces the audience to a kind of sound that lets you plug in your earphones, sit back and space out into the flowy vocals as well as makes your heart thump and head sway.

Released on 7th August, “Haalaat” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube.

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