Indian Monsoon: Tech Panda & Kenzani's Ode to 'Baarishwaali Chai'

Indian Monsoon: Tech Panda & Kenzani's Ode to 'Baarishwaali Chai'

A perfect mix of electronic, lo-fi, and sample flips, 'Indian Monsoon' is a take on the nostalgia rain brings, in a fan-inspired video from the nooks and crannies of Indian cities in monsoon.

Kedar Santwani and Rupinder Nanda, famously known as Kenzani and Tech Panda are a duo that combines multiples genres and styles of music to create a sound that is authentic, unique, and for the most part- undiscovered. Tech Panda's formal training in Indian classical music and Kenzani's influence from electro-house, the Carribean and French makes for a soundscape unheard, bringing together two musical sensibilities in perfect harmony.

Tech Panda and Kenzani’s ode to baarishwaali chai, ‘Indian Monsoon’ , released in 2020 is a track that evokes a feeling all too familiar to most of us. Almost ecstatic, full of joy and still in its own ways, nostalgic. It is both happiness in presence and a little bit of remembrance. The track itself is an amalgamation of folk, electronic and lo-fi, many moods put together to manufacture a feel-good song that'll wrap you up in a warm blanket.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>In Frame: Tech Panda (left) &amp; Kenzai (right)&nbsp;</p></div>

In Frame: Tech Panda (left) & Kenzai (right) 

The track opens with a beautiful vocal “jhir jhir barase, sawan ras bundiya," playing in a vintage sample-like quality. The scratching of the gramophone, the radio static slowly fading into clarity; perfectly portrays the essence of the song. Chopped up through the entire song with a dilla-esque drum break, then reversed to make a new melody to fit the same drum break; both artists have toyed with the sound in a very interesting way.

Oscillating between intense, emotional vocals and a lo-fi electronic beat, this song is not only a track to drink a cup of tea in the rain to, but also a boppy track to sway to.

The music video that was released on the 27th of August, 2021, only makes the track better. Inspired by the people who started tagging them in their stories while having tea and chilling to their track, the video is a compilation of heart-touching, relatable moments from all over India. Chennai, Punjab, Manipur, Rajasthan, Kolkata and more. Through a plethora of emotions there is a single unifying factor, baarishwaali chai. It’s for everyone, from everywhere, bringing people together like a cup of tea.

The track slowly builds up, with more and more elements to follow - similar to figuring life out through a monsoon. The build leads to a drumbreak, a change in the rhythm.

Shifting between calm and chaos, the track sets itself apart by creating a new, immersive experience for the listener. A smooth, easy-flowing fusion of completely opposing feelings, this song could find its way into anyone’s playlist.

The song and the video both have beautiful transitions. Unexpected, mood-lifting beats and vocals that make you want to move with visuals that follow people in crowds, running around cities. And those of people enjoying a moment of peace by themselves, somewhere quaint and quiet.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Stills from 'Indian Monsoon' Music Video&nbsp;</p><p>Directed by Jugal Raaj</p></div>

Stills from 'Indian Monsoon' Music Video 

Directed by Jugal Raaj

Mellow and hype, ‘Indian Monsoon’ satisfies one’s appetite for a perfectly balanced track, much like how chai in the rain makes for a perfectly balanced snack.

The songs ends with a voice sample that says "Oh my god, you're such a good DJ!"- we agree.

Indian Monsoon- Techpanda & Kenzani now streaming on all platforms!

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