INDepth: Tracing Rebel 7’s Journey In India's Blooming Hip-Hop Scene

INDepth: Tracing Rebel 7’s Journey In India's Blooming Hip-Hop Scene

This New Delhi-bred rapper and producer is making his mark, gliding through the Indian hip-hop scene one track and beat at a time.

INDepth by FTC is an ongoing exploration of all the uncut diamonds that are making their mark in India's growing cultural community.

Ditin Ramesh, who goes by the stage name Rebel 7, has been consistently featured on several tracks across various labels, churning out rebellious tunes and inflections.

Initially starting off as a producer in 2018, Ditin gradually started exploring and indulging in the world of rap, debuting his first track Puchiiaakk alongside Huzu₹ on the talent platform, The Truth Youth (TTY). He exhibits a distinct raw and powerful sound in his tracks, drawing inspirations from Denzel Curry and Notorious B.I.G while crafting his tunes.

His latest EP, KAALE is officially out on all streaming platforms. The album features emerging rappers and musicians like Yungsta, Qaab, Asura, Sez on The Beat, and Vyshakh. Some of the most notable tracks off the album are Golmaal, Pairi Pauna, and Fukk Gayi.

With his razor-sharp lyricism and tongue-in-cheek word plays, Rebel 7 takes you on a journey around his Delhi neighbourhood with this new project. The 17-minute 7 track EP is charged with raw emotion and some ‘Dilli waali baat-cheet'.

The Kaale (Intro) walks us through the process of creation and execution of the album art for the EP, which sees a young Ditin sharpening a pencil with a blade. Vyshakh mentions drawing inspirations from the legendary Biggie's (Notorious B.I.G) “Ready To Die” and the iconic Lil Wayne’s album covers on “Tha Carter” series.

One of the most coveted tracks of the EP is Pairi Pauna. The track starts off with Rebel 7 and Sez On The Beat’s producer tags coupled with the perfect beat curated by Sez. Rebel 7 rides on Sez’s beat in perfect sync, and his crisp lyrical flow keeps you engaged with some mellow head-bopping throughout. One of the bars that accurately proves his lyricism in a literal sense goes somewhat like, “Muh se nikle itna Jwaala, ke muh pe hua chhala” meaning, he spits straight fire, so he burns and blisters his mouth.

The second verse on the track involves his hard-hitting political stance that might offend some ‘bhakts’. It boldly states, ”Deta nai mai kabhi f**k, aur Bhajpa ko Vote.” There is a deep message that transpires in the partially satirical music video for the song. When the second time, he starts the same bar, “aur bhajpa ko…”, we see Rebel get shot and laying blood soaked on the ground, which is a subtle yet impactful message depicting the political dramedy the country is in. The music video for the track premiered on Ditin's 25th birthday on the 19th of January earlier this year.

The third track on the EP is ‘Chitt’ which is performed alongside Vyshakh, another Delhi artist who additionally worked on and created the album cover. The duo has done wonders with this track. To fathom the depth of their lyricism in this track, one must dedicate undivided attention to it and the accompanying combative tone makes the track all the more appealing to the audience.

Being open and vocal on social media about what goes on politically and socially in the country, Rebel 7 also tries to convey those same messages via his music. He shares his autodidactic knowledge of producing a track by breaking it down bit by bit and sharing it on his Instagram - which only goes to show his willingness to give back to the community that has provided him with unconditional love and support.

This young artist is the energy and vibe we need in these trying times and has consistently proved that he is here to change the game and raise the bar for the entire Indian rap/hip-hop scene. Catch his latest album, KAALE EP, if you haven't already!

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