In Conversation With Corridors

In Conversation With Corridors

We caught up with Rijul Victor aka Corridors to know more about his creative journey and music. Read on to learn more about the multifaceted musician.

Rijul Victor who goes by his moniker Corridors is an electronic music producer and artist. With a distinct and eclectic sound, the artist's music resonates with concepts of, as he describes it, "space" and "emotion".

FTC caught up with the artist at his most recent gig at FTC Delhi to know more about his creative journey, music and what the future holds for his solo electronic project 'Corridors'.

Q: How did your journey with music begin?

A: I used to play for a metal band called Colossal Figures. I’m a metal drummer actually, so that’s how my journey started in 2010. But then unfortunately my vocalist passed away in 2015. That’s when the band stopped but the music continued and I decided not to be in any band anymore. I made music by myself - turned out my friends thought it was nice, so I put it out there and that’s how Corridors was kind of born; you know just out of necessity and desperation, pretty much that.

Q: How would you describe your music and your influences?

A: That’s a slightly tricky one because most music is probably boxed under a genre and how I approach it is an amalgamation of a bunch of elements. In a sense it’s a lot, you’ll hear influences of some left-field experimental techno, bass beats, hip-hop, trap, footwork - I like to call it a pretty cool Khicchdi of all these elements, but yeah it doesn’t have one specific genre.

Q: How would you describe Corridors? Is it a consolidated project or is it a stage alias?

A: Corridors is my Solo Electronic Project, I collaborate with a bunch of people but I make all the music. That’s basically just what I do, make the music, and then if I feel like I want to collaborate with somebody I reach out to people.

Q: How would you describe your sound for Corridors in three words?

A: Space, Progression, Emotion.

Q: How did you first find out about FTC?

A: I actually heard about FTC when MC Soopy was playing - we’re friends and we go way back. So I was like okay there’s a new store, a new space - what is this place? So that’s the first time I heard about it. Then the second time was when I was having a conversation at someone’s house a couple of weeks back where MC Kode and Spit Dope Inc’s gig was happening and a friend told me about it. So I’ve heard about it on a couple of occasions. The most recent being when I was told I was playing here, so I was like, oh! Rings a bell.

Q: Everybody has a different interpretation of the term ‘Culture’. What is your take on the current cultural sphere that surrounds us and what do you want to contribute to it with regards to your music?

A: That’s a very interesting question! I think what we are dealing with is a form of subculture to our “Indian” culture. Pertaining to what FTC does, it’s not exactly in parallel with what Corridor is about, but the way we are similar and also different is that we are subcultures of a niche that is probably mainstream in somebody else’s world or universe, but it’s a niche in our community.

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