GoodMostlyBad Releases Debut EP 'Baby'

GoodMostlyBad Releases Debut EP 'Baby'

Mehar Bedi aka GoodMostlyBad recently released her debut EP 'Baby'. Read on to know more about the artist and get the full breakdown of the album.

Gurmehar Bedi, better known by her moniker Good Mostly Bad (GMB), is a DJ, Producer, Radio Host, and through her most recent venture, a Singer-Songwriter as well. Hailing from Chandigarh, but growing up in Pune, Bedi initially started out as an engineering student, until she realised her true passions gravitated towards music.

She subsequently moved to Doha to showcase her awe-inspiring talents where, additionally, she also organises all-female parties with the intention of creating safe spaces for women/female-identifying persons to express themselves freely.

Mehar Bedi aka GoodMostlyBad
Mehar Bedi aka GoodMostlyBadGoodMostlyBad

A self-taught musician with no formal training as such, GMB has soared new heights with her intuitive ear for curating and mixing music, and her sets usually dabble into various different genres such as Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats and Grime.

Pioneering several different events and projects which include programming 'Gurls Night Out', an IG Live series where women from different creative and professional backgrounds are invited to talk about topics across the board such as gender, politics, and sex, GMB is a truly multifaceted individual. Along with maintaining a residency at she also hosts a radio talk show on the platform titled 'The Good, Mostly Bad Show', interviewing artists from varying creative backgrounds.

Album Title Design
Album Title Design GoodMostlyBad

With her debut EP 'Baby' releasing on September 18th, GMB has once again proved the sheer dynamic nature of her talents, this time with a highly personal approach.

"Baby is a dive into the sacred path of self discovery, self love, healing and growth that I've been on for the last year, slowly shedding my fears and insecurities, and yes, getting over the worst heartbreak and betrayal I've experienced yet."


Inspired by the trials and tribulations of being a woman in a male-dominated music industry, and a very painful, public breakup 'Baby' is an ode to heartbreak and healing. With immersive album art and visuals, an accompanying music video for the title track, and an overall dreamy yet vulnerable vibe, the release is more of an art project than just a music album.

Baby Poster Artwork
Baby Poster ArtworkRushil Bhatnagar

The 5 track EP takes you on GMB's personal journey navigating through heartache, pain, anger, and even defiance. The overall tone is set with 'Its Getting Hot In Here' - the first track's mellow R&B vibe, that eases you in while you slightly bob your head and sway into the next track 'Baby'.


The title track of the album picks up the pace slightly and the evocative lyrics seem like they are being read off a page directly from GMB's diary, chronicling the emotions she faces behind closed doors and coming to terms with her feelings. The music video for the track encapsulates the vibe and aesthetic of the overall sound perfectly with whimsically surreal lighting and art direction, sultry shots of the singer, and snippets of happy times with friends on a beach.

"The EP is the result of 8 months of hard work, learning and a whole lot of unlearning. Primarily made during the lockdown, I was forced to confront a lot of my unresolved feelings and these songs are an expression of those emotions."


The third track 'Rum-ish' featuring Namrata Nath is slightly more upbeat but maintains a bittersweet undertone with raw lyrics that are complimented with beats that make you unconsciously groove to the rhythm.


'I Have Better Sex All Alone' takes cues from the other tracks and picks up the pace and tone. An ode to self-love and making peace with oneself, the track shifts the dynamics from being vulnerable to having a more empowered stance instead.

The last track on the EP, 'Aunty' featuring Radence has the collaborating artist rapping verses written by GMB with additional vocals by her as well. The track is bold and expressive, and showcases the overall confidence that has been achieved by the artist throughout this journey of self-discovery.


The EP has a certain relatability factor that each and every person who has experienced heartbreak can resonate with. The tracks are an amalgamation of moody and mellow sounds, accentuated with deeply personal lyrics and the entire audio experience is tied together with brilliant visuals in the form of the album spread-shoot and cover art.


'Baby' is now out on leading streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Bandcamp.

Check out the official music video for the title track here.

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