Exploring Hip-Hop Duo RBBT and BadLuck's Bad Trip Symphony

Exploring Hip-Hop Duo RBBT and BadLuck's Bad Trip Symphony

BadLuck aka Lakshay Singh and rapper-producer RBBT aka Shivam Sharma’s latest album, B12, is a work of art that strays away from conventional hip-hop.

In 2017, when Shivam Sharma aka RBBT joined Lakshay Singh to create music dup 'Bad Trip Symphony', Lakshay aka BadLuck was already working on the B12 album. The six track album was produced and written by BadLuck himself and that original iteration of B12 was released at the time in an effort to begin putting out new music to the public. It was during the past year’s lockdown that Shivam tried his hand at producing and dabbled in learning learned everything there was to learn about music production.

Shivam started experimenting with BadLuck’s B12 vocals and tried creating a new and unique sound for each track. During this process, he realized that with better beat selection and music B12 could be something bigger, eventually coming to the decision with Lakshay to re-release the album with more tracks.

"Back when we started, our music was not doing too well and anything we did, was not getting the attention it deserved - it essentially felt like a symphony of a Bad Trip. Eventually leading us to the name 'Bad Trip Symphony'."

RBBT aka Shivam Sharma

The album draws direct inspiration from the duo’s life, including the opening skit “Chor Police” that recalls how BadLuck was arrested by the cops for a bar brawl. Every song in the album talks about a different chapter of the artists' life- from growing up in shady company to deciding to peruse music full time and people’s reactions to that.

BadLuck’s “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, inspired by Eminem, is very evident in songs like “Attitude” and “Bipolar”, while tracks like “Naukri Milegi Kya?” touch relevant topics and bring to light a phase in the rapper's life where he had no work despite having adequate degrees.

"Wohi same shit same drop trap rap hip hop

Kadamo pe rakh ke ghumunga me punk rock ke wo gaane

Jab tak budhi sahi thi log the kharab

Gaano me chalti hai daru sharab

Bik gaya hip bik gaya hop"

- BadLuck, 'Worst Rapper'

The second half of the album starts with the song "Hip-Hoppers", a mix of English and Hindi rap, representing the birth of BadLuck as an artist and a responsible citizen. Tracks like "Bhasad", "Khatara" and "Nastik" shift the album's vibe into a satirical one commenting on the society we live in.

The end the album takes a slightly darker turn and gets more intense as songs like "Worst Rapper" and "Reality" see BadLuck sharing his experience as an artist and human being. The musician recalls his mistakes and the hardwork he has put in to being where he is right now, talking about his relationships that were destroyed due to the effects of society.

"I'm like Wayne letting my city be Gotham streets

I'm a like frozen Pac with Snoop D double O G

I preach these to be someone who can make a difference

so I'm letting My synergy binds my energy with my inner G they call me"

- BadLuck, "Hip Hoppers"

"The reason why this album is close to my heart is that this is the first ever time I have personally worked on and produced something. I wanted to do it differently than the rest and I think we have done a pretty good job."

RBBT aka Shivam SHarma

When it comes to the music and style in which the songs are produced, Shivam reveals he wanted to move away from the traditional 16 bar verse and 8 bar chorus that we generally see in rap music. In order to do this, the artist introduced the principles of Metal music in his sounds, that inspired him to break free from the ongoing loop, and make songs that didn’t have traditional hooks but were still catchy enough to keep you hooked.

"While listening to my music, I want people to be on the edge of their seat - they shouldn't be able to predict what I will be doing with my tracks. Whenever I create a song or an album, I try to make it like a movie and if a movie is predictable and doesn't have a plot twist, people are not going to enjoy it as much."

RBBT aka Shivam Sharma

With B12, Bad Trip Symphony has introduced something new and unique in the scene without changing what the original inspiration actually represented. For their upcoming album the duo is focused on how they can add more variation to their own style while maintaining the authentic and raw subject matter that they aim to constantly represent. Head over to their Instagram page to get a closer look at what the duo are doing and listen to their tracks on Youtube and Spotify.

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