Electrifying The Sound Of India With Rusha And Blizza

Electrifying The Sound Of India With Rusha And Blizza

Known for their unconventional take on electronic music, producers Rusha and Blizza have an exciting new EP out! Read on to know more about the music duo.

Synergizing the age-old folk sound of India with young energetic electronic accents, music producers Rusha & Blizza have recently come up with a transcendent new EP, called Sutra. After the overwhelming success of the previous EP Mudra, the duo is back with an excellent intermixture of electronic beats and desi vocals, packed in the form of 6 absolute bangers.

Rusha and Blizza
Rusha and BlizzaFAIZAN PATEL

Paurush Kumar, aka Rusha is an international lawyer by profession, but music aficionado at heart. Having been inclined towards and intrigued by the art of making music since an early age, falling into the line and making exceptional beats came naturally to the artist.

Aman Khare, who goes by the name Blizza in the music industry, is a self-taught sound designer, mixer and programmer. Favouring experimental hip-hop, dubstep and trap genres, Khare believes that his exploratory take on trap music has the ability to form a niche in the world of electronic dance music.

Rusha and Blizza first met each other in 2010, at a gym in Delhi where connected over playlists and musical interests. This soon translated to them exchanging dialogues, notes and ideas that ultimately led the pair to begin composing together in 2014.

Operating by the motto “Courage To The Experimental”, Rusha tells us about the sound of the band. Hailing from the era of SoundCloud, the exposure towards experimental sounds and eclectic artists came to be one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the duo. During the making of their EP Sutra, Rusha mentions that they played around with their skillset and gave more importance to designing a wide variety of sounds, while also working with melodies.

Rusha and Blizza

In association with Alfa Records, Rusha and Blizza have released their newest EP, Sutra. Symbolizing continuity and the mystique attached to nature, the EP features 6 tracks - Kaise, Barse, Hawa, Hoye, Kaal, and Anth. Each track encompasses an impeccable mix of electronic beats combined with Indian folk vocals touching base with the threads of existence, accompanied by rather interactive cover art, comprising of a gyro that stands for the message “Out Of Chaos Breed Clarity”.

Attesting to be one of the few contributors in the genre of experimental folk and electronic music, the vivacity of the duo’s EP sets their melodic creations apart from the rest.

While each and every track of the EP stands for movement and transition, the track 'Barse' catches special attention with the multitude of aural attributes that come with it. Coming with an innate energy of its own, the experience of it feels just as the sensation of the first drops of rain - much like the title itself. As each and every beat transcends, they occupy and reverberate in the mind and soul. The ambient yet distinctive nature of the sound makes it more than just a track, and gives it the wholesomeness of an experience.

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