Divine Is Back with "SHUTDOWN"

Divine Is Back with "SHUTDOWN"

The posterboy of Indian Hip-Hop is back with another banger up his sleeves.

Shutdown EP is the first project by Gully Gang after joining forces with Mass Appeal India. With the onset of the country-wide Lockdown, contrary to popular belief, the music industry is booming.

Especially, the independent artists and labels. With home studios running at full speed, we've seen a plethora of releases in the past few weeks.

Shutdown is a follow up to Divine's debut album "Kohinoor" and comes after some back and forth between him and another mumbai-based rapper to bring some freshness to the scene. This project recruits artists like US-based rapper Elvis Brown, Gully Gang members Shah Rule, D’Evil, MC Altaf, Aavrutti quartet — Frenzzy, Saifan, Sammohit and Sledge, KR$NA, Sikander Kahlon, Kaka Sady & 7Bantaiz.

What this EP does best is that it shows the variety of sounds, flows and textures of all the different artists and producers associated with it.

The opening track - Brinks made in collaboration with US-based rapper Elvis Brown really gives an apt introduction to the project: it's diversity. Collaborating with Elvis is D'evil & MC Altaf, who transition smoothly into their Mumbai flow. D'evil undoubtedly shines on this track with his quirky, smooth yet, hard flow.

Elvis's verse feels energetic but the hook feels a little dreary.

The second track - Bas Kya Ba features a hard trap production by DRJ Sohail and impressive performance by D'evil yet again with features from 7Banita'Z and Divine who ends this track on a high.

The third track standouts from the rest as divine collaborates with KALAMKAAR artist KR$NA on a melodic contemporary beat by Stunnah Beatz. This features a relaxed yet clever writing from both the artists.

The fourth track does not feature any Gully Gang member at all. It is a classic Sikander Kahlon track with his signature flow and Kaka Sady, who makes it even more enjoyable with his verse.

The fifth track - Flavours by MC Altaf, Saifan and Sammohit is the underdog of the album. It has a really Catchy hook and well written verses by all three.

The sixth track - Bandana Gang is the second standout and also the best written track of the project. Divine collaborates with an OG of north Indian Desi hip hop, Sikander Kahlon. Both of these legends give an amazing performance rapping on the production of Stunnah who is one of the top producers in India.

The seventh track - Alag hai Disha features an atmospheric choir sounding production by Harrlin and entertaining verses by MC Altaf, Sammohit and Sledge

The final track - Nahi Pata features long time collaborators Divine and Shah Rule with contributions from Frenzzy snd Sammohit. It features a signature Shah Rule hook and some introspective verses by Sammohit and Frenzzy. Divine comes in to deliver a final ending to the project.

This project does not have a central theme or story line but that is not what it was supposed to be anyway.

It features a multitude of artists and producers where they shine on their own and it gives people a chance to listen to their story and their style.

Available now on all platforms, go give it a listen!



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