Club Matryoshka: A Club With No Boundaries

Club Matryoshka: A Club With No Boundaries

Imagine an amazing nightclub, with great music and a fabulous vibe - but in the virtual world!

Minecraft is one of the biggest hits in the gaming world. In fact, in 2019 it was the most streamed game on YouTube. The reason for this is simply the endless opportunities the game has.

One such example is Club Matryoshka. The Latin root word of Matryoshka is ‘Mater’, which means family. Matryoshka is a super exclusive club that cannot be found on any physical or digital street in the world. It is hosted on a private offline Minecraft server created by musicians in Manila.

Access to the club is only given to those who apply and clear the screening process. The direction and location of the club is a Holy Grail of sorts where members are welcomed to a judgement free, innovative world of music and creativity.

Club Matryoshka is a prime example of how the real world is slowly getting transferred onto a digital one. The makers of the club have designed the whole place in survival mode, which means that everything has been built from scratch with a process that has taken months to make it what it is now.

The main part of the club is the castle that holds a set of house rules. The attention to detail in each and every corner of the club is mind-blowing.

The brick walls of the castle are decorated with plants and paintings, created pixel by pixel. The club uses a Discord Server for its communication channel and each main room in the club has its own channel where the musicians perform simultaneously.

Club Matryoshka started back in July 2019 and the main idea behind its creation was to give a platform to marginalised communities, where they could directly communicate their art to an audience without any geographical barriers.

People of all ethnicities, sexualities and neurotype's are welcomed and the club now has more than 450 members including gamers, musicians, hackers, meme lords and producers. A typical turnout includes almost 80 -100 people per show and approximately 3000 views on it's streams.

The club recently hosted their Infinite Summer festival, a 24-hour online beach music festival and art exhibit.

The festival was a collaboration between Club Matryoshka, Likido, Spoonin’s boys and a local art collective PARA://SITE Projects. It was a huge three stage event that featured 40+ artists from Asia, North America and Europe. Since real life logistics were not a liability, Infinite Summer included everything from mini games, a parkour course, a complex brainteaser puzzle-maze, and scheduled tours for a specially curated art exhibit. Additionally, all funds that were gathered through this festival were donated towards fighting COVID-19.

In the post-corona world, digital spaces and experiences are going to certainly increase in value and contribution towards the culture. Platforms like Minecraft and Fortnite are paving the way to combining the real and virtual world - the best is yet to come!

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