is BACK with a banger APP! is BACK with a banger APP!

This online Indian community has given the FM space in India a new face, with new sounds, new shows. It’s your indie guide to radio.

Enabling listeners to explore shows hosted by people from all major cities, is breaking all horizons to reach for diversity in the music space in India. While other radio stations in India like Split Radio, Radio79 etc. have come and gone, has been going strong for the past 3 years and has constantly been on the rise.

The founders Mohammed Abood aka DJ MoCity and producer Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry birthed this idea out of necessity for all the Indian artists to have a broadcasting voice and platform and a nationwide presence; they hustled their way through, from buying a domain to setting up a studio for DJs to spin sets on air and writing to labels for music.

Their new app aims to increase accessibility and make the entire process seamless.

Go download for 5000+ hours of curated music.

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